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ISD 739 School Board Meeting Minutes April 23, 2014

REGULAR MEETING Unofficial Minutes Board of Education April 23, 2014 Ind. School District 739 Kimball, MN

The regular school board meeting was called to order by Vice Chair Gagnon at 6:02 p.m. 
with all board members, except Schreiner, present. Chair Schreiner participated via telephone.  The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.

Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Hilsgen to approve the agenda as presented. MC

Mr. Sundin, Secondary Earth Science instructor, reviewed a tentative itinerary for a proposed overnight field trip for students in the Natural Disasters course being offered both first and second semesters next school year. The proposed field trip would occur in September for first semester students, and in May of 2015 for second semester students. The schedule of visits is very similar to the trip he took with students in fall, 2012. Member Zipoy motioned to approve the two overnight field trips as presented in the itinerary, seconded by Stenger. MC

Kris O’Brien and members of the Hunger Squad and student groups who participated in the meal packing event held on March 25th presented a slide show and highlights of the event. Sydney Schreiner shared the fundraising experiences her 7th grade class participated in, while Taylor Schreiner and Tom Lochen shared what the event meant to them and how it impacted their outlook. They spoke of the transition from “Me” to “We”, the leadership skills gained, and how they enjoyed seeing all the smiles on packing day. When the board was asked if they would support this effort in the future, the board was unanimously in favor of the activity.

Celebrations and successes of students and staff included the State FFA Convention coming up this weekend with nine members participating in the convention. Science students attended their first Envirothon today. Nancy Bonnifield’s Accounting students traveled to General Mills on a field trip earlier this week. The annual Business Expo was very well attended. The Senior Scholarship Gala is coming up this Saturday. The band and choir solos and ensembles were held two weeks ago with many State Superior ratings. Shelby Schiefelbein went to State in Speech competition.

Mr. Widvey reported on the senior clean-up day on April 18th. The weather was pretty cool, but dry, so students were able to get around the grounds quite well. Providing there are no more snow days, the senior class will be requesting the ability to have May 27th as their last day of attendance. This will be brought to the May board meeting. Mr. Widvey will be taking the seniors to the Twins game on May 14th. Testing is winding up for the spring.

In Mr. Houseman’s absence, Mr. Tritabaugh reported on the elementary students completing testing. The spring concert is scheduled for May 2nd at 1:15 in the elementary gym. The PIE sponsored Book Fair is scheduled for May 2 through May 5. Healthy Minds/Healthy Bodies is being taught May 16 through May 23. PIE donations will be provided for new projector bulbs at the elementary as well and purchasing Time For Kids for next year. The spring PIE raffle is being held from April 15 through April 30th.

Mr. Tritabaugh reported on upcoming meetings: April 24th – SEE, May 21st – Benton-Stearns Education District followed by the next Board meeting in the evening. May 22nd – SEE.

As an update for the Elementary Principal hiring process, 33 applications have been received to-date. Mr. Wagner has reviewed most of them. The final day to accept applications will be Friday, April 25, at which time Mr. Tritabaugh will get the last of the applications to Mr. Wagner. The thought is that Mr. Wagner will narrow the selection to six or eight to interview. Mr. Tritabaugh has sent him a list of suggested staff members to sit on the interview committee. These individuals will be notified once Mr. Tritabaugh has heard back from Mr. Wagner.

Members Gagnon and Stenger will meet with representatives of the non-licensed group on April 30th at 4:30 to review their contract for 2014-2016.

A letter was received from the City of Kimball indicating that all documentation has been received pertaining to the proposed project at the west end of the athletic fields. This is scheduled to come before the City Council on Tuesday, June 3rd; board representation needs to be present.

Committee reports included Stearns County Family Services Collaborative – Tritabaugh, Budget – Hilsgen, Activities – Zipoy, and Benton-Stearns Education District – Tritabaugh.

The Food Service Student Survey results were shared.

Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Stein to approve the listed bills in the amount of $180,598.78. MC

Motion by Stein, seconded by Schreiner to approve the Consent Agenda. MC The Consent Agenda consisted of:

• Approve minutes of March 19, 2014 Board Meeting

• Approve minutes of March 26, 2014 Special Board Meeting

• Approve minutes of April 2, 2014 Special Board Meeting

• Accept the following donations toward the Senior Scholarship Fund:

• $25 from Kramer Electric of Watkins, Inc.

• $250 from Mary Bernardy and Donald Hagen

• $500 from Kingston Lions

• $250 from Rob & Jen Hennen / Clifton Larson Allen, LLP

• $400 from Kimball Firefighter’s Auxiliary (Katie Gohman Memorial)

• $100 from Douglas W. Stenger Construction, Inc.

• $1000 from Audrey Gutz (Norm Hansen Memorial)

• $100 from Hilsgen Bobcat Service

• $100 from Melissa & Scott Carriveau

• $100 from Jason & Tabitha Mortenson

• $50 from Allen and Maureen Dingmann

• Accept donation of $200 from Stearns Electric Association toward Prom festivities

• Accept donation from Hendricks Bus - transportation of 4th, 5th,and 6th graders for the food packing activity

• Approve reinvestment of $196,000 CD for one year at Far East National Bank, CA, at .55%, maturing 3/25/2015

• Approve reinvestment of $97,000 CD for one year at Bank of East Asia, at .58%, maturing 4/2/2015

The treasurer’s and quarterly reports were reviewed and discussed.

Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Stein, with much appreciation for his years of dedicated service, to accept the resignation for the purpose of retirement received from Keith Haake, Band Instructor, effective at the end of the 2013-2014 school year. MC

Motion by Hilsgen, seconded by Stenger, to accept the resignation received from Cortney Voigt-Ely, School Readiness/ECFE instructor, effective at the end of this school year. MC with Schreiner opposing the motion.

Motion by Stein, seconded by Schreiner, with appreciation for her three years spent in Kimball, to accept the resignation received from Amy Notsch, Secondary Special Education instructor, effective at the end of this school year. MC

Mr. Tritabaugh reviewed the language changes and salary/benefit changes made to the Master Agreement for 2013-2015. Motion by Stenger, seconded by Zipoy to ratify the contract. MC

After review of current lunch prices, and based on federal requirements to ensure that meal prices for student lunches at all grade levels meets the required minimum amount, motion by Stenger, seconded by Stein to increase local student lunch prices by ten cents for the 2014-2015 school year. The elementary meal price will be $2.10, while the high school meal price will be $2.25. MC

Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Gagnon to approve hiring of Joe Brennan, head football coach for the 2014 football season. MC

Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Stenger to approve the proposed Achievement and Integration Revenue Budget for FY2015. MC

Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Schreiner, to close the meeting at 8:13 for non-public information discussion.

Motion by Stenger, seconded by Zipoy to re-open the meeting at 9:18 p.m.

Motion by Stenger, seconded by Hilsgen to adjourn at 9:20 p.m.

Tim Zipoy, Clerk

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, May 1, 2014.