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Children present ‘Good Samaritan’

Sunday, July 14, Assumption Catholic Church in Eden Valley did a debut of their first “Living Homily.”  Children of the church brought to life the parable of the Good Samaritan. Pictured are the thieves (Alex Haag, Trevyn Ludwig, Skyler Field, and Mallory Evens) attacking and robbing a man (Jack Evens). As the story unfolds the injured man is ignored, snubbed, and left for dead until a Good Samaritan (Alaina Stommes) comes by. With her compassionate kind heart, she attends to his wounds and brings him to an inn for rest and healing. This very moving performance brought home the meaning of loving your neighbor as yourself.

Fr. Jerome, newly assigned priest at Assumption, feels that the Gospel is very powerful when enacted by the children; and that it has a stronger, more lasting effect as a “Live Gospel.”  He would like all to experience such a presentation, and welcomes you to visit Assumption Catholic Church in Eden Valley to witness the “Living Gospel.” 

Our next reenactment, presented by the youth of our parish, will be the “Prodigal Son” on Sunday, Sept. 15, at the 10 a.m. Mass. We hope to see you there.W-33-Living-homilyW-40-Living-homily