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Lake Union Covenant Church dedicates new piano


In December, it was learned that the old piano at Lake Union Covenant Church had a cracked sounding board. Not fatal, but not good either.

Joann Strand mentioned it in passing one evening over dinner with her neighbors, Mike and Sue Beaver, April 6, along with “wouldn’t it be nice to have a new piano?”

The next day, Mike was in Rochester for a physical. He found a beautiful Yamaha grand piano for sale there. The owners donated about half the asking price of the piano, and the Beavers donated the other half. They purchased the piano in honor of Mike’s parents, Melvin and Ethel Beaver who loved music. In less than a month the piano was delivered and ready for a concert at the church May 2.



Sue Beaver played a special piece for the service, and regular pianist Marleigh Rumsey played for the rest of the service, just as she has for more than 50 years.


Mike’s sister Laurie Johnson came from Oklahoma, and his brother and sister-in-law Alvis and Diane came from North Dakota for the dedication. (See their photo on page 9.)


In the dedication service, pastor Eric Marx affirmed that God provides. People help, but it’s God who provides.

Marleigh Rumsey played through the church service Sunday morning, June 8, as she has for nearly 55 years. Now, she plays on a beautiful Yamaha grand piano that was donated to the church. Staff photo by Jean Doran Matua.


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