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New therapy at Hilltop is beautiful

Art 4 Life, MnemeTherapy® program offered at Hilltop Health Care Center W-Hilltop-photos-074

Mneme®. It’s a strange-looking word, but one that produces beautiful results.

What is Mneme (pronounced NEMMA) Therapy? It’s a cutting-edge process which uses everyday pleasures such as singing, movement, painting, storytelling and praise in a unique combination to induce Whole Brain Synchronization. Thanks to a beginning grant through the MN Department of Human Services, and further donations from the Eden Valley Lions and family members, and the talents of Certified Mneme® Therapist Suzy Volden, many residents at Hilltop Health Care Center, Watkins are blooming with creativity like never before.

How does MnemeTherapy
work? By simply getting both sides of the brain working together and allowing the left and right side of the brain to work in sync with one another. By doing exercises to stimulate whole brain synchronization, electrical activity and energy patterns inside the brain are more extensive throughout the brain instead of being confined to certain areas. The brain can reach extraordinary levels of performance not normally attainable without synchronization. When stimulation occurs that creates synchronization, the brain begins to create new neural pathways. New neural stimulations encourage new growth in the brain that will produce more “processing power.”

Art Without Boundaries was founded by Noell Hammer in 2005. She then created a curriculum and certifies artists across the United State who strive to improve the quality of life for individuals with brain disorders. Suzy Volden of Buffalo received her certification in October 2010, and travels throughout the area performing MnemeTherapy®.

With a mini-diversity grant through the MN Department of Human Services, Hilltop Health Care Center began offering MnemeTherapy® in February of 2012, the grant money was depleted in November, 2012. Residents participated in the half-hour sessions twice monthly. The MnemeTherapy®-Art4Life program is now based on donations going forward.

This program has benefited our resident participants; bring out their creativity and improve their self-esteem, providing them with a sense of accomplishment. For many of the residents, this is the first time they have tried their hand at painting. Their fellow residents, families and staff have been amazed at the wonderful pictures they have painted. Our residents have been producing some beautiful pieces of art through the Mneme
Therapy® program, which are on display at Hilltop Health Care Center. We hope to generate interest in this program and hopefully donations to continue providing this beneficial program.W-Hilltop-photos-082

Above photo is Marjorie Linn showing some of her artwork.

At right, the Mneme Therapy® program offered at Hilltop Health Care Center features artwork done by resident Marjorie Linn seen with Suzy Volden. Submitted photos.



At left, Hilltop resident Ebert Konz shows his artwork as part of Art 4 Life, Mneme Therapy®