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Great American Smokeout Nov. 21

Thursday, Nov. 21, is the 38th annual Great American Smokeout and the perfect time to remind Minnesotans of the benefits of quitting the tobacco habit. Despite the increase in the price of tobacco earlier this year, nearly 16 percent of Minnesotans still smoke. Many of them are considering how they can kick their smoking habit for good. To help them, QUITPLAN Services suggests making a plan and see the benefits.

Make a plan to quit

Step 1 – Choose a plan. Choose a scientifically proven way to quit and make a plan to quit. Free help to develop a customized plan is available at, or (888) 354-PLAN (7526).

Step 2 – Breathe it in. Within 48 hours of quitting, your sense of taste and smell improves.

Step 3 – Connect. Find others going through the same thing to stay motivated and keep quit. One place to try is the QUITPLAN® Services Facebook page.

Step 4 – Count your money. After quitting for a year, a pack-a-day smoker will have saved more than $2,700 and added 56 days to his or her life.

Step 5 – Live. Stay quit, live longer, live healthier.