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Jan. 7 Blood Drive at St. Anne’s

The American Red Cross Bloodmobile will be in Kimball 1-7 p.m. Jan. 7, at St. Anne’s Church.

If you are able to donate and have not been contacted to schedule an appointment, you may call Joann at (320) 398-2691. If you are unsure of your time schedule, you may come in any time and we will get you in as soon as possible. All donors should bring in a photo ID or your blood donation card.

The importance of a diverse blood supply

While many people share similar blood types, there are some with more rare types. It’s important for donors to reflect the ethnic diversity of the population in order to help meet the needs of as many patients as possible.

• Some blood types are unique to ethnic groups, making it essential that the donor’s and patient’s types are a match beyond their ABO blood type for some health conditions.

• Certain blood types are more common in some ethnic groups than others. For instance, about 70 percent of African Americans have type O or B blood, the types that are typically the first to run out during a shortage.


• In addition to donors of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, donors of all eligible age groups are needed to sustain the blood supply. There is no upper age limit on blood donation.

• As older donors reach retirement age and beyond, they may be more likely to contract illnesses or require medications that could prevent them from donating blood. Therefore, it’s important high school and college-aged adults get in the habit of giving, to help ensure lifesaving blood is available for every patient.

Remember, drink lots of fluids, eat iron-rich foods and get plenty of rest before donating blood. Enjoy your Christmas and circle Jan. 7, on your 2014 calendar.

The bloodmobile is sponsored by The American Legion Auxiliary, Unit # 261 of Kimball.

LuAnn Marschel

National Security Chairman