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Chain of Lakes girls’ high school soccer team

From left to right, third row, are 1-Emily McCoy (H), 19-Shelby Teal (R), 40-Katarina Wilke (R), 25-Gabriella Wilke (R), 4-Rebecca Jimenez (P), and coach Dave Wilke. In second row W-Soccer-Group-girlsare 16-Mikayla Timm (R), 17-Rachel Ginter (H), 11-Abigail Mooney (R), 12-Katelyn Parsons (R), 5-Alexandra Stahlberg (R), and 9-Sydney Caron (R). In first row are 15-Erin Salo (EVW), 3-McKayla Theisen (P), Lucca Rosemeier (R), 8-Kally Danzl (R), Esmae Heveron (R), 7-Veronica Wilson (EVW), and 13-Alyssa Meed (P). Not pictured are 14-Anna Wochnick (R), and 41-Sarah Suhr (EVW). Key for participating school is (P)-Paynesville; (R)-Richmond; (H)-Home School; and (EVW)-Eden Valley Watkins. Submitted photo.