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Kimball Golf News

We are pleased to introduce Kimball Golf Club News to all in the Tri-County News area. Kimball Golf Club has served the area communities for more than 47 years - as a premier golf community course welcoming golfers of all skill levels at reasonable fees.

Kimball Golf Club is now open for play - seven days every week.

Each week, through the golf season, we will present a golf tip, reports of league and individual play at the golf course, along with an ongoing invitation for all to enjoy the Kimball Golf Club, a golf course owned and operated by its community members and devoted to serving all in the Tri-County News area.

Golf Tip of the Week

Some of us have been able to play a few rounds of golf over winter. Others have been using their golf swings to shovel snow. We all need to get prepared for a new golfing season.

First, check your equipment. Make sure your clubs are ready for play. Clean your club faces and check your grips. Over a season of use, grips will get slick and worn. Re-gripping your clubs regularly will improve your game.

Then set some realistic goals for the season, which can include lowering your score a few strokes, or just enjoying the game with family and friends in regular play.

Next week’s Golf Tip: The Short Game.

League Play

All are welcome to join our weekly league play for men and for women leagues. Form your own foursome or just ask us to join one. Players at all skill levels are invited to join in league play. We will be reporting league highlights in this column weekly.

Planning to Play

As weather permits, Kimball Golf Club will be open to the public every day for play from sunup to sundown. Call us at (320)
398-2285, or visit our web site at, to inquire about our fees and schedule a tee time that fits your schedule. If you need a warm up, hit a bucket of balls at our driving range near the clubhouse.

Kimball Golf Club is your community golf course.

Golf: The game for Life!