Tricounty News

Arrest made for Darwin burglary

On the early morning hours of Sunday, April 21, at 1:38 a.m., the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint from a citizen reporting that upon returning home after work he found his 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo missing from his residence located on North Casey Street in Darwin. The Meeker County Sheriff’s Office completed a Motor Vehicle Theft Report and entered the vehicle as stolen into the national computer database. Later, during the evening of April 21, around 9:05 p.m., the Wright County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a suspicious vehicle within the City of Cokato. Wright County Deputies responded and located the stolen vehicle from Meeker County. The lone occupant in the vehicle, Brian Ogaard, age 22, of Darwin, was taken into custody for possession of the stolen vehicle.

During the next few days, the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office received other reports from citizens concerning other incidents occurring within the city of Darwin. On the afternoon of April 22, the business of Precast Systems located at 116 E. U. S. Highway 12 within the city of Darwin, reported a golf cart was left on their property for the past several days and the driver hadn’t returned to pick it up. The golf cart was taken to the Meeker County Impound and a Meeker Crime Alert was issued with a photo of the recovered golf cart attached. The following afternoon, April 23, at 1:32 p.m., the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office received a report from the owner of the golf cart who indicated he saw the Meeker Crime Alert, recognized his golf cart and returned to the business of Darwin Freezer located at 123 E. Pacific St., Darwin to confirm it was indeed missing from behind the business. A theft report was taken concerning the golf cart. The owner also stated that there are signs that someone has been inside the business of Darwin Freezer as well. The business is missing two skinning knifes valued at $45 each and later it was discovered a battery operated cattle prod valued at $90 was missing from within the business. The cattle prod was later recovered; however, the two skinning knifes are still missing from the business.

Investigative reports have been completed and forwarded to the Meeker County Attorney’s Office. Formal charges are pending against Brian Ogaard, age 22, of Darwin, for the burglary of the Darwin Freezer as well as the theft of the golf cart that was parked behind the business.