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Brian Cruze to run for Sheriff


Brian Cruze of Litchfield has announced his candidacy for Meeker County Sheriff. In a recent letter, he states the following:

W-CruzeB156• He has lived in the community for nearly 20 years, with his wife Kathy and daughters Courtney and Katelyn.

• He has an A.A. degree in business from Ridgewater College, and a B.A. degree in Criminal Justice from St. Cloud State University.

• His law enforcement career began in 1994 as a patrol deputy for the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office.

• He has been a union steward for Meeker County Deputies, negotiating with the county.

• He is a member of the Minnesota State Association of Narcotics Investigators (MSANI), and worked with the CEE-VI Drug and Gang Task Force representing Meeker County since 2000.

• Since 2002 he has taught various law enforcement and drug-related issues part-time in the MNSCU (Minnesota State Colleges and Universities) system.

• He is an active member of
St. Philip’s Catholic Church.

• He spends his off-duty time supporting and attending his daughters’ activities; he’s coached their basketball and softball teams.

Cruze wrote, “As Sheriff my top priority would be demanding the highest level of integrity from the staff and maintaining a high level of trust with the citizens of Meeker County as I have done personally throughout my career. Effective community based law enforcement requires mutual respect and trust between the citizens and the Sheriff’s Office. If the trust in the Sheriff’s Office falls, so does the cooperation of the citizens. The end result is the effectiveness of the Sheriff’s Office in addressing livability issues is greatly diminished. In addition to working with the public, it is also very important to work on and improve relationships with other departments in and out of Meeker County, especially Litchfield PD. Through my experiences on the regional drug task force, I know how to foster relationships and I know how to strengthen relationships the department currently has. As a lead investigator and union steward, I know what it takes to motivate and lead people. It is just as important for agencies, as well as the public, to build partnerships, work together, problem solve and share information to create a better and safer community for the citizens of Meeker County.

“Community-based law enforcement also means that we need to make public education and preventing criminal activity where we can a priority. I will emphasize this as part of my community based law enforcement approach by providing education on a wide variety of topics to the public on a regular basis. I will also implement a citizen’s academy so the citizens can better understand what we do, how we do it and why we do what we do. I believe these interactions build trust and cooperation and benefit all involved. As Sheriff I will strive daily to provide the highest quality of law enforcement to the citizens of Meeker County to make this a better and safer community.”


Brian Cruze of Litchfield has announced his candidacy for Meeker County Sheriff. In a recent letter, he states the following:







Brian Cruze, PO Box 183, Litchfield, MN 55355 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.