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Ben Aho to run for Sheriff


Litchfield Police Officer, Benjamin Aho, announces his intent to run for Meeker County Sheriff in the 2014 election.

My wife Tonja and I, along with our six children, currently live in Watkins. I have worked in law enforcement for the past 
13 years with the city of Watkins, Meeker County Sheriffs Office (including a 2-year assignment to the CEE-VI Drug and Gang Task Force) and the city of Litchfield. Working so closely with these different departments has given me a definite advantage of seeing and understanding a wide variety of different leadership styles. My intent as Sheriff would be to utilize these different styles to benefit the citizens of Meeker County and to bring them a Sheriff that they can proudly call their own.

Over the past seven years, I have had the privilege to serve the citizens of Litchfield as both an investigator and a patrol officer. I have also served as a trainer for firearms instructing, use of force, and assisting with proper procedures on case investigations. Currently I am working with other members of the police department and with the Litchfield School District, collaborating to provide the safest schools in the event of a critical incident.


In addition to my law enforcement career, I have volunteered for the Watkins Ambulance Service for the past 16 years and last year, was elected as chief. This position has taught me a wide set of skills and has given me the confidence to know that as your sheriff, I will lead the Meeker Country Sheriff’s Office to serve the citizens of Meeker County in any and all situations with integrity.

I believe my approachability will give the Meeker County residents the freedom to confide in me. From a friendly ‘Hello’ to things of a critical nature; I will work hard to make it known that I will handle every situation with a level of professionalism that is second to none. I have confidence in my leadership abilities and my beautiful wife Tonja; daughters Misty, Vanessa, Rachel, Paige, and Lillian; and son Grant, all strongly support my decision to be your elected leader of the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office.

Benjamin Aho