Tricounty News

Local crime blotters March 27, 2014

Watkins Police blotter

There were a total of 35 calls in Watkins during February 2014. (Watkins is patrolled by the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office.) Among the calls were: 7 traffic warnings (and 4 citations), 4 medical calls, 2 abandoned/stalled vehicles, 2 agency assists, 2 suspicious person/vehicle, 2 thefts, and one each of the following: alarm, assist public, carbon monoxide alarm, child abuse/maltreatment, harassment/stalking, open door, person under the influence, POR information, scams/swindle attempt, snowmobile complaint, and warrant.

Wright County Sheriff’s Office

March 17, Jeremy Cromwell Phyle, 32 of Kimball, was arrested in Stearns County on a Wright County warrant for fifth-degree controlled substance violation.

March 18, Anthony Michael Menard, 24 of Rockford, was charged with felony vehicle theft.

March 19, Dustin John Palm, 24 of Rockford, was arrested in Rockford on a Wright County warrant for
second-degree burglary.


Chase and arrest in St. Cloud

Friday, March 21, information was received by Stearns County deputies that Zachary Tyler Taylor, age 45,  was in the St. Cloud area driving a black Pontiac Grand Prix. Taylor had three active warrants, two of which were for felony-level drug offenses and one gross misdemeanor for DAC IPS. A deputy saw a black Pontiac in St. Cloud. The deputy saw that Taylor was driving, and when Taylor pulled into a Super America Gas Station, and pulled up to a gas pump, the deputy pulled into the lot and parked behind the car. The deputy didn’t activate his lights, and when the Grand Prix pulled away from the pumps and started to drive away, the deputy then activated his lights and sirens. Taylor stopped a short time later in the lot, and after he got out of the car, just before being detained, he ran from the officers. He was caught after running through Granite City Brew Pub. Taylor fell just outside of the business, and when he fell, hurt his arm, He was cuffed and walked back.


Hit and run in Rockville

A 2001 green Chevrolet Silverado was parked on the side of the road on Grand Lake Road near Fowler Road in Rockville. Sometime between 8:30 and 11:30 p.m. Friday, March 21, the truck was struck in the front on the driver’s side. From evidence left at the scene, it is believed the striking vehicle is most likely a maroon, 1997-2003, Ford truck or Expedition-style SUV. This vehicle would also have damage to its front. If you have any information about this crash, please notify the Sheriff’s Office at (320) 251-4240.


Ben Aho to run for Sheriff

Litchfield Police Officer, Benjamin Aho, announces his intent to run for Meeker County Sheriff in the 2014 election.W-Ben-Aho-1008

My wife Tonja and I, along with our six children, currently live in Watkins. I have worked in law enforcement for the past
13 years with the city of Watkins, Meeker County Sheriffs Office (including a 2-year assignment to the CEE-VI Drug and Gang Task Force) and the city of Litchfield. Working so closely with these different departments has given me a definite advantage of seeing and understanding a wide variety of different leadership styles. My intent as Sheriff would be to utilize these different styles to benefit the citizens of Meeker County and to bring them a Sheriff that they can proudly call their own.

Over the past seven years, I have had the privilege to serve the citizens of Litchfield as both an investigator and a patrol officer. I have also served as a trainer for firearms instructing, use of force, and assisting with proper procedures on case investigations. Currently I am working with other members of the police department and with the Litchfield School District, collaborating to provide the safest schools in the event of a critical incident.


Local crime blotters March 20, 2014

Eden Valley Police blotter

There were 50 calls in February for the Eden Valley Police Department. Among them were 9 miscellaneous calls, 8 verbal warnings, 6 alarms, 5 public assists, 3 motorist assists, 3 assisting other department, 3 assisting Rescue, 3 thefts,  2 domestic calls, 2 accidents, 2 dog complaints, 2 ordinance violations, 1 citation, and 1 case of vandalism.

Kimball Police blotter

There were a total of 122 calls for Kimball and 27 calls for Fair Haven during February 2014 for the Kimball Police Department.

In Kimball, there were 22 extra patrols, 17 business checks, 17 equipment warnings, 8 speeding warnings and 7 citations, 6 bar checks, 5 licence plat warnings and 2 citations, 5 parking violations, 4 motorist assists, 3 agency assists, 3 citizen contacts, 2 alarms, 2 driver licence violation warnings, 2 insurance violation warnings, 2 no-pay complaints, 2 passing on right warnings, 2 suspicious vehicle/person complaints; there were one each of the following: Driving after suspension/revocation, funeral escort, fraud, harassment, hit-and-run, neighbor dispute, personal assist, stalled vehicle, stop sign warning, theft, and welfare check.