Tricounty News

Organic farm field day, Aug. 9

Webster Farm Organics of Foreston wants rural growers and food buyers to know that organic farming can be an option for them. The five-acre certified organic vegetable farm will host a public field day from 12 noon-4 p.m. Monday, Aug. 9. Organic growers follow federal standards that prohibit the use of most synthetic chemicals and encourage conservation and good stewardship practices. Organic acreage in Minnesota has grown dramatically over the years, and annual retail purchases by food shoppers are growing at 20 percent. Demonstrations will include techniques for organic growing and marketing including seed selection, weed, disease and fertility management, harvest, storage and marketing. Field tours will feature organic management practices such as cover- cropping, mulch, inter-seeding, companion planting, and no-till conservation management. To reach Webster Farm Organics from St. Cloud, take Highway 23 east to Benton County Road 9; turn left and travel north 5.75 miles. Turn right on 155th Street and travel east for 1 mile. Turn right onto 195th Avenue and the farm is on the left-hand side.