Tricounty News

FSA seeks committee candidates

The Farm Service Agency is looking for candidates for the farmer-elected County Committee election this fall and is especially interested in identifying people who have not been active participants with FSA in the past.

The 2013 Stearns County FSA election will be held in Local Administrative Area (LAA) # 1, which includes the following townships: Brockway, Collegeville, Fairhaven, LeSauk, Lynden, Luxemburg, Maine Prairie, Rockville, Saint Augusta, Saint Cloud, Saint Joseph, Saint Wendel, and Wakefield. 

This area is presently represented by Joe Krippner.

The County Committee is an important part of the delivery of USDA services to farmers, and FSA wants to include farmers in non-traditional operations and people whose livelihoods are made by farming.  These people could include beginning farmers, specialty crop farmers, truck farmers, spouses or business partners - anyone who would be able to add some new or different experiences to the local County Committee, and who might be able to serve.

The County Committee system needs everybody - from voters to active participants as candidates for committee membership. With one-third of the nation-wide membership of county committee members up for election this fall, it is time to begin planning on getting involved.

All eligible voters in LAA
#1 may nominate candidates of their choice by completing a nomination petition (FSA-669A) and returning it to the Stearns County FSA Office by Aug. 1, 2013.

For further information, contact the Stearns County FSA Office at (320) 251-7800, Ext. 2.

It’s easy, it’s important, and it’s your FSA County Office Committee.