Tricounty News

Kimball district prepares for S.O.D.

At the Oct. 23 meeting of the Kimball school board, the district’s auditor (KDV) presented the financial report for 2013; it shows the district in Statutory Operating Debt, or S.O.D. The state limits the difference between school expenditures and revenues to a 2.1-percent deficit; the Kimball district wastwice that: 4.2 percent or $255,000. 

This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that the total yearly budget for the district is $8,073,310.

The problem is not so much overspending, however, as much as it is under-receiving. 

The crux of the problem is declining enrollment, and every student day counts.

Schools measure and report attendance as ADM, Average Daily Membership. The ADM for Kimball schools has continued a years-long trend of declining enrollment. 


Minnesota Beef Ambassadors announced

The Minnesota CattleWomen are proud to announce that Shelby Schiefelbein (Kimball), Maria Weber (Lake Benton) and Laura Stobb (Milaca) were chosen as the 2013-2014 Senior Minnesota Beef Ambassador Team at the annual Minnesota Beef Ambassador competition.

The competition was held at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center, on the Minnesota State Fair Grounds, in conjunction with the Minnesota Beef Expo Oct. 17-20.

There were 10 senior contestants ages 16-19, who were judged in the areas of consumer event, media interview technique, and issues response. Shelby Schiefelbein was chosen as the senior lead winner and is eligible to compete in the National competition next year in Denver, Colo.

This year’s contest also hosted a junior competition for youth beef industry advocates, ages 13-15. Five contestants were judged in the same three categories as the older group.


Grandparents Day at KES Nov. 1

All grandparents who have grandchildren attending Kimball Elementary School are invited to the annual Grandparents’ Day from 1:30-2:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1.


Two local schools honored by state

Kimball Elementary has been named a Reward School for being among the top 15 percent of Title I schools in the state based on high performance on the MMR (Multiple Measurements Rating). The reward for this achievement is public recognition.

Eden Valley Elementary School has been named eligible to be a Celebration School for being in the 15 to 40 percent performers of Title I
schools in the state, again based on MMR. An application must be submitted to the state, and those selected will be announced in January. About 10 percent of applicants will receive the recognition as Celebration Schools.

“Title I” schools accept financial assistance based on high numbers of students from low-income families.

MMR is a new system of measuring school performance, now that Minnesota schools are waived from “No Child Left Behind” requirements.

Kimball Area Dollars For Scholars needs help

The Kimball area chapter of Dollars for Scholars is struggling with both IRS changes and with declining interest from the community and parents. They are down to eight active members, with three about to step down. Call Maureen Dingmann at (320) 398-2539 if you have any ideas for DFS or are willing to help.