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Kimball holds Elementary K-2 basketball camp

The Kimball Boys’ and Girls’ basketball programs held a basketball camp at Kimball Area Elementary School last week, Monday through Thursday, June 3-6. W-K-2-bball-camp-in-Kimball-IMG 2208Participants in the camp consisted of boys and girls in kindergarten, first, and second grade. Players learned about the different fundamentals of basketball related to ball-handling, dribbling, passing, and shooting. Campers participated in a number of contests and competitions, both individually and as a team over the course of the week. All of the 34 campers worked extremely hard and improved tremendously throughout the week.

Pictured are the participants in the K-2 Basketball Camp that was held Monday through Thursday, June 3-6
at Kimball Elementary School. Coaches are Jeremy Kuechle (at left) and Jay Klein (at right).
Submitted photo.



Kayla Hinkemeyer takes her class on field trip

Miss Hinkemeyer’s second-grade class visited the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids Wednesday, May 15, a day of beautiful weather! Kayla Hinkemeyer is now
w-Miss-Hinkemeyers-class-at-the-Forest-History-Center-on-Grand-Rapids-Minnesota-image-RGBteaching school in Aitkin, Minn. She is an alumna of KAHS, daughter of Sheila Hinkemeyer, granddaughter of Anita Hinkemeyer. Submitted photo



KAHS on-line trophy case launched

Recently launched on the Kimball area schools’ website is an on-line trophy case. KAHS students Adam Laabs and Nate Overland, along with KAHS teacher W-On-line-trophy-caseNancy Bonnifield have been working on the on-line trophy case since January. Last week the trophy case was launched.

The idea is for alumni, students, community members to be able to access and look at the trophy case via the Kimball school’s website. To get to the trophy case you need to go to:, then select Activities, and then trophy case. You will see the different sports at KAHS with the trophies for each sport. Conference, subsection, section, subdfistrict, district, and state trophies were put in the case. It is a process in which the students took the trophies from the trophy case and took pictures, downloaded them to a computer and cropped pictures. Students then copied pictures of trophies and passed them to Mrs. Bonnifield who arranged and put them on the school website.

The goal this year was to launch athletics this year, and then expand to the fine arts next year.

From left to right are KAHS teacher Nancy Bonnifield, and students Adam Laabs and Nate Overland. They worked to launch the on-line trophy case. Staff photo by Marguerite Laabs.


Kimball Chiropractic gets a new Online presence

Recently at Kimball Area High School, the students of Nancy Bonnifield’s Computer Applications II class have been working diligently designing websites, brochures, and business cards for Kimball Chiropractic.

Dr. Marty was in need of a new website because as a small business owner he did not have time to create his own. The process began when students visited W-KimballChiroWebpageKimball Chiropractic, interviewed Dr. Marty and took pictures of the business. Back in the classroom, the students used, to create their own version of a website. After presenting the websites to Dr. Marty, he critiqued them and students went back to work on their final edits. The finalized websites were e-mailed to Dr. Marty and he chose Stacy Hurrle’s website to represent his business. Along the way, the students noticed a disconnection between the new website and his other marketing materials. Using Microsoft Publisher they created new business cards and a brochure.
Stacy Hurrle noted that “It was cool to make a website that helps a local business in my community.”

The students enjoyed learning and applying new skills to this real life situation. The students would like to thank Dr. Marty for giving them this opportunity.

Dr. Michael Marty, owner of Kimball Chiropractic, worked with Computer Applications II students to create a new webpage. Stacy Hurrle’s webpage was chosen as his favorite, and Isiah Allen’s webpage was Dr. Marty’s second choice. Submitted photo.


Graduation Mass at St. Anne’s May 27

A Graduation Mass was celebrated Sunday, May 26, at St. Anne’s Catholic Church for the KAHS 2013 grads. They were served with their families a breakfast W-Church-of-St.-Annes-img 0009-1by the juniors of KAHS. From left to right are Hannah Zipoy, Malina Röttgermann, Tiffany Kuechle, Kenzie Traurig, Kaylyn Mancini, Austin Roerick, Kenadi Mackereth, Paiten Schreiner, Kaylee Petty, and Tess Vossen. Not pictured are Tim Konz, Patrick Arnold, Alissa Jones, Kendra Atherton, and Brad Mies. Staff photo by Marguerite Laabs.