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Eden Valley prepares to purchase fire truck, plans concert, waits to order police vehicle

At a special meeting Dec. 27, the Eden Valley city council approved  a loan request from Stearns Cooperative Electric Association to finance $175,000 to pay the remaining balance needed to purchase a fire truck. (Technically, they will issue and sell $175,000 of taxable general obligation equipment certificates to the Coop.) The loan is for 10 years at a rate of 3.25 percent.

At that meeting, J. Tacheny proposed a donation of property to the city, property that could be sold with the profits to be donated to the new library/event center project. Because of a large delinquent property tax debt that would need to be paid (by the city) at the time of title transfer, the council declined the offer.

Jan. 9 was the first 2013 meeting for the council. Cheryl Thielen returned to the council table, having been elected in November. 

Appointed to two-year terms were: Street Commissioner Reetz, Police Commissioner D. Thielen, Fire Commissioner C. Thielen, Water/Sewer Commissioner Gabrelcik, EDA rep’s Korman and D. Thielen; Public Works Director Jim Rademacher will continue to be tree and weed inspector and emergency management director. The official newspaper is Tri-County News. The official depository bank is State Bank in Eden Valley. 

The council agreed to keep fees the same for 2013 as for 2012, with the exception of removal of dog licensing fees. Administrative offense penalties were kept the same as last year. They agreed to keep compensation the same this year as well: $30 per meeting, $40 per half-day and $80 per full-day work; using IRS rates for mileage reimbursement.

There is more than $73,000 in a fund available for housing rehabilitation in the city. The council will wait for the guidelines to be updated before restarting the 10-year loan program. Three or four homes could be done for this amount of money.

Discussion of the nightly siren was held. Because of complaints by neighbors, the council is considering sounding the Civil Defense siren at a time earlier than the current 9:55 p.m.  A new time has not yet been set, and public input is welcome before a decision is made at their February meeting.

There was discussion about the lease of a new vehicle for the Police Dept. Chief Ernie Junker plans to lease a 2013 Chevy Tahoe at $553 per month. Additional costs such as installing a light bar or a new computer have been budgeted by the department. It will take 90 days to order the stripped-down model, but the council will first examine the lease soon, before it is ordered.

There was discussion regarding the use of city funds to essentially guarantee the 2013 Music in the Valley concert. “Warrant,” a national band, has been booked. Last year’s expenses were about $38,000 and a net profit of $11,000 was made for use in the new library/community center. Rain-out insurance will be required by the city. The concert is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 10, again at Eden Valley Elementary School grounds. This is their second concert, and it is hoped that it will be even better than the first.

Good news for the Eden Valley community: they have been awarded a Healthy Communities Partnership grant of $10,500. The first $10,000 grant has started a number of great projects like the library, so another grant is great news indeed.

The next meeting of the Eden Valley city council is Wednesday, Feb. 7.

W-IMG 3031
 Newly elected members of the Eden Valley city council were sworn in at their Jan. 9 meeting. Standing are, from left, clerk Mona Haag, Eric Reetz, mayor Pete Korman, and Cheryl Thielen. (Seated are incumbents Kevon Gabrelcik and Dan Thielen.) Staff photo by Stephanie Johnson.