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Rep. Howe gains local input through survey

A survey Rep. Jeff Howe, R-Rockville, conducted in District 13A indicates citizens reject a state budget which increases taxes to fund additional spending, and want the state to uphold constitutional values.

A 58-percent majority oppose Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget proposal which would have raised taxes by billions in order to fund spending growth. Legislation making its way through the Legislature would raise taxes by around $3 billion the next two years to fund a state spending spike.

The same 58 percent oppose new gun restrictions that have been introduced in the Legislature. An overwhelming 72 percent say they do not support same-sex marriage in Minnesota. At this time House and Senate majorities have advanced the bill to allow same-sex marriage to become legal this summer and is headed to the governor.

“This survey was extremely valuable to me as we considered this session’s most important issues,” Howe said. “I really appreciate the time hundreds of people took to provide me with their thoughts. In addition to responding to the questions, I received some helpful personal comments from participants. All this will help me as I represent the people in our area.”

The most lopsided response to a question on Howe’s survey pertains to requiring private day-care providers and personal-care attendants to join a union. A large 81-percent majority do not support this measure, which also is making its way through the Legislature.

The other two questions on Howe’s survey pertain to energy issues. Most respondents (38 percent) say the current process for determining routes for high-voltage transmission lines does not support economical power transmission while protecting both the land-owner and environment. Undecided respondents make up another 34 percent.

A firm 64-percent majority say they do not support a proposal that would bring a solar-energy mandate to our state. This measure passed the House and currently is subject to action in a conference committee before being considered for final passage.

Complete survey results are available at