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Watkins pool success

The Watkins pool has been opened since June 3. The first two weeks were chilly and weather closed the pool 5 days. However, since that, the pool’s attendance and concessions are increasing every week. They Reached a total of 96 swimmers Monday, June 24. Many other days have been close as attendance for just open swim continues to see high numbers. Thanks also for the weather cooperation. With swimming lessons in session and open swim following, the pool has been busy. This is an amazing site as you drive by to see the kiddie pool full with children and mothers having fun in the sun at the Watkins Swimming Pool.

Monday, July 15, the second session of swimming lessons is still in session. The swimming lessons are from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for this group. Open swim is from 
3-8 p.m. The last session of swimming lessons will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. July 22-25 and
July 29-Aug 1. This year the total number of children enrolled is 300. This is a little higher than last year’s.

My goal is to see the Watkins Pool increase that number substancially next year. The feedback from the parents this year is positive, and while learning the ins and outs of what lessons consist of, I feel next year will be even better. When the pool opened, it was in need of pool toys and items to help instructors teach their students. Pool toys have been purchased with money from the fundraiser. When

I arrived at the pool one evening from purchasing these items, the staff was so excited that they said it felt like Christmas (smile inside).

When I began my position as pool manager, items that would help the instructors were just not able to be in the pool’s budget. Understanding how cost can effect even the smallest of items is an eye opener. With the continued efforts of the pool committee, the increase in pool attendance, special classes being offered, and private pool parties booked; the direction is on point, and the pool is seeing great things. The concession area has many new treats available. Customers can choose from candy, chips, pop, water, Gatorade, and a variety of ice cream treats! We are also selling swimming goggles this year! With the summer half over, the push is on! Water aerobic classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 8-9 p.m., the start date is being scheduled, any information regarding these classes will be posted at the pool, on the pool’s recorded message, the City of Watkins webpage, or check out the marquee. The pool committee is meeting this week with plans of another teen night for mid to late August. Several different ideas will be discussed. Events and projects will be underway using some unique ways to raise money for the pool. Also, the fund remains open for anyone wishing to make a contribution at the Farmers State Bank of Watkins.

Watkin’s mayor, Dennis Loch, approached me as soon as the pool opened with ideas of how he could contribute to the pool. He has offered to pay for EVERYONE to swim at the pool, his treat! So mark your calendar, “Come one, Come all” it’s on the mayor, Sunday, July 28, from 1-4 p.m. Come and swim or visit with the mayor at the pool. Check out our facility.

The council made the decision at the June council meeting to fix the pool immediately following the conclusion of the season. Many exciting and new features are continuing to happen for the Watkins Swimming Pool. Every day is a new one for this facility, which will be celebrating its 20-year anniversary when reopening next summer. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to mark this celebration! Stay tuned for more updates and events featuring the Watkins Swimming Pool.