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Kimball council gets new building inspector, awards land rent contract, hears fence dispute

In the consent agenda at its July 16 meeting, the council approved: gambling permit for Kimball Legion Club Sept. 11; dance license for Kimball Fire Relief Assoc. for Aug. 10 (street dance during Kimball days); temporary liquor license for Kimball Fire Relief Assoc. Aug. 8-10 (during Kimball Days); shut off delinquent utilities July 18; approve minutes of June 4 council meeting, June 17 employee meeting, and July 11 employee meeting; accept resignation of Laurie Bisila from Kimball Fire & Rescue Dept.; approve hiring of Josh Eastridge for Kimball Fire & Rescue Dept.; extension of licensed premise for Main Street Pub (during Kimball Days).

The City of Kimball and Kimball Fire & Rescue Department acknowledged the retirement of Cary Maus from the department.

Kimball Fireman’s Relief Assoc. (Dennis Beck) proposed a benefit increase to $950/year, effective Jan. 1, 2014.

Chief Jim Frilstad presented the Kimball police report. He discussed parking along Hazel Avenue for ballgames at the high school. He will attend the school board meeting the next evening to discuss the parking issue with them. He also discussed replacement of the squad car.

Dave Dockendorf was present, representing Kim-Haven Apartments to discuss handicap parking at the apartments.

The city’s engineer, Randy Sabart, was there to discuss lack of grass growth in some areas after work done by contractors; he will follow up with the contractor to amend those situations. He also is working with the contractor on a punch list and corrections needed to finish up the project.

Dennis Beck representing the Kimball Fireman’s Relief Association asked for an increased benefit, from $875/year to $950/year of service; this was approved.

The council approved $13,575 for a study of drainage on Maus Drive.

Jeff Orbeck from KimBuilt Propane spoke to the council about his building project. He said that Scott Qualle from MNSpect has visited his site four times since posting the stop-work order and he is “wasting everyone’s money.” The council will check into it.

The council approved renewing the auditing contract for 2013-17 with CliftonLarsonAllen.

The city hall siren is being repaired, and they will obtain quotes to wire the generator to the water plant.

The council voted to make Inspectron Inc. the building official/inspector for the City of Kimball, and to sever its relationship with MnSpect, both effective immediately upon signing a contract with Inspectron.

At the Aug. 6 meeting, the council opened bids for the irrigated land. Five bids were received, ranging from $60 per acre to $135 per acre. Bids were from Josh Pramann, Dan Dahnke, Jerry Spoden, Chad Jansky, and Dennis Libbesmeier. The current tenant, Rich Jansky, was given right of first refusal, according to his current contract. He has rented the land for 15+ years, and made improvements to it. He accepted a five-year contract at the high bid of $135 per acre. (In future, the council agreed the contract should only be for two years at a time.) Jansky Farms will have to comply with whatever limitations are placed on the land as to crops (forage vs. row crops) by the MPCA. 

Kari Dahlinger bought a house on Hazel Ave. E. two years ago, behind Arnold’s of Kimball. She complained about piles of tires (which were removed immediately), pallets, and other debris placed along the fence behind her property. It was suggested that Arnold’s could store such materials in an enclosed area not visible from adjoining homes.

Inspectron is the new building ispector for the City of Kimball, effective immediately, even though the MNSpect contract is not yet expired. Their first call would be Aug. 7 at KimBuilt so that they can proceed with exterior work being done there now.

KimHaven Apartments needs to expand their parking, especially handicap parking. It was suggested that using Oak Street or Linden Avenue was not appropriate for handicap parking because of their inaccessibility to the main door of the apartments. Other options will be discussed and pursued.

CP Rail has offered the city $50,000 to close the railroad crossing at Cherry Street; MnDOT has offered another $25,000. This road is the main access to Matt Knaus’ home (but nothing else). The city will meet with Knaus to discuss alternative access to his property.

Work has been done to replace a ball field at the school with a parking lot. There was discussion with the city’s engineer about the plans there. Because it is a low area, the engineer says, it will always be soft. The land area is less than
1 acre, so it is exempt from stormwater treatment, but it still needs a Conditional Use Permit which was not obtained. The engineer is concerned about usability of the soft land, and water quality with silt-laden runoff. He will spell out his recommendations for the school district.

“The drainage and the hydrology we have to deal with is significant,” said Randy Sabart, the city’s engineer.

Grass areas that are not growing after construction will be corrected in mid-August to mid-
September. This is the last punchlist issue after the latest construction project.

The council will meet at 8 p.m. Monday, Aug. 19 to discuss a Special Assessment Hearing for the construction project that is now completed.

Police chief Jim Frilstad presented his report. They are looking into a new squad car. They have received complaints of burning pallets and brush inside the Scheeler Addition in town.
W-CaryMaus The owner, Kuechle Underground, is burning parts of a mobile home there as well, and the smoke sometimes drifts into town.

The council voted to approve the new ordinance codification for the city. It was prepared by the city attorney’s office, and is all on CD so it can easily be kept updated.

The city’s amended budget is $1,038 lower than planned.

There will be a special meeting of the council at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27, to prepare for a public hearing on the budget in

The council approved a cigarette license for Casey’s Stores, the new owner of Schmidty’s Tesoro and convenience store. 

Chad Grunewald had requested July 16 that he be allowed to build a garage with an apartment above it before building a house on the lot he owns in the Scheeler Addition. The council decided Aug. 6 that this would not meet the ordinances (including a minimum size of living space of 800 sq. ft.) and would not be allowed.


Cary Maus (right) was presented a gift by mayor Tammy Konz at the
July 16 council meeting in honor of Maus’ retirement after 30 years on the Kimball Fire & Rescue Department. Staff photo by Nicole Doran.