Tricounty News

Citizens have time to apply for openings on county committees

The deadline is nearing for residents of Stearns County who want to get involved with their local government and serve on a Stearns 
County board or committee.

Stearns County is recruiting for appointments to be filled in January of 2014. The boards and committees serve a variety of county departments in a variety of areas. There are openings on the following committees:

• Board of Adjustment

• Community Corrections Advi-
sory Board

• Dairy Advisory Committee

• Extension Committee

• Feedlot Review Committee

• Great River Regional Library  

• Human Services Advisory Committee

• Noxious Weeds Appeal Committee

• Park Commission

• Planning Commission

• Social Services Task Force

• Stearns County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA)

• Transitions Task Force

All committee positions can be applied for online. Go to co.stearns.
; a link is on the home page. Online is also a description of each committee, meeting dates and times, contact information, etc. In addition, citizens can sign-up to receive a free e-mail and be notified whenever there’s a board or committee vacancy.

Application deadline is Dec. 16,
2013, to be considered for an appointment that begins in January 2014. Serving on one of these committees is a great opportunity for citizens to give their input on issues of importance to them and to the County. Any questions can be directed to Stearns County Administration at (320) 656-3602.