Tricounty News

Meeker SWCD to host open house

Friday, Dec. 27, will be a busy day for the Meeker Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) in Litchfield. Meeker SWCD will be hosting an open house at their offices at 
916 East St. Paul Street in Litchfield from 1-4 p.m. that day.

Financial assistance for the installation of conservation practices is one of the services provided by Meeker SWCD. This assistance can come in the form of cost-share reimbursement or low-interest loans. Other services of the District include the sale of conservation trees and planting services, the administration of pesticide tests, feedlot registration and more. To help the public understand what programs and services are available, information will be available and staff will be on hand to answer questions local landowners might have. Trees for spring planting can be ordered that day.

Dec. 27, also marks the last day of work for Meeker SWCD’s colleague, Dale Johnson, District Conservationist with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Johnson will be retiring after 25 years of service to the Meeker County community.

According to Joe Norman, SWCD Technician, the District works seamlessly with their colleagues at NRCS in serving local landowners. “Dale has worked tirelessly for conservation in Meeker County. He has assisted countless landowners with a wide variety of programs and has been a mentor to those of us who have worked with him at the Conservation Office. He will be greatly missed.”

Meeker SWCD invites all local landowners to celebrate Dale’s retirement Friday, Dec. 27, and learn about the programs and services provided by the county’s conservation office.