Tricounty News

City of Eden Valley

Now that construction is completed for the season in downtown Eden Valley, there was concern about safely keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice. The problem is that the sidewalks are new cement, and some snow removal methods could harm them.

The solution: the city has contracted with Landscaping Plus to clear all downtown sidewalks for the duration of the winter.

Three individuals have filed for the January 28 special election to fill a remaining council seat. They are Robert Bischof, Mark Kern, and Brent Bengtson.

The council adopted its 2014 budget and levy, with no increases over the 2013 levy. The 2014 levy is $400,000; it has not increased in five years.

“We’re working within the dollars we allocate,” said mayor Pete Korman.

Because the State of Minnesota has made cities tax-exempt for many purchases starting in 2014, the city could save about $13,000 (the amount of sales tax paid by the city in 2012).

The city could also save nearly $20,000 by not having two full-time employees in the office. 

A water and sewer rate increase was approved. The base rate for sewer will go from $7 to $10, and from $4.25/1,000 gallons to $5.25/1,000; and the water rate will go from $7 to $9 base, and from $7.50/1,000 to $8.75/1,000. The council agreed that they don’t like to raise fees, but this increase was needed.

Work on water and sewer and streets has been completed for the season. A street lamp installation, and installation of railroad crossing arms had not yet been scheduled; it should be done soon. All remaining work will commence in the spring. The council asked that it begin as soon as possible. They were assured that the contract states that the parade route must be available for Valley Daze in June.

The next meeting of the Eden Valley City Council will be at
7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 8. 

Meetings are always open to the public, and they are televised on Arvig cable TV Thursdays.