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EV-W board denies request for $6k

The Chain of Lakes Soccer Association (CLS) formally requested $6,000 from the Eden Valley-Watkins School Board at the Feb. 26 meeting. The money, they believed, should have been in an account managed by EV-W Community Ed on their behalf, from the previous year of fees for participation in the soccer club.

At the next meeting, Feb. 26, EV-W Community Ed director Kris Latcham discussed with the board the facts of the case.

The agreement between CLS and EV-W Community Ed was in place years ago, before the individuals currently involved. There was no written contract, to anyone’s knowledge. EV-W, through Community Ed, has accepted registrations for CLS and uses that money to pay the club’s bills, including equipment, coaching and ref fees. Each fall, at the end of the season, the club would receive a printout of their fund balance, with another coming in spring so that supplies could be ordered for the upcoming season.

Community Ed deducts minimal fees that cover administration, staff resources for promoting and reporting, and catastrophic injury insurance for players and coaches (which are upwards of $750 a year).

The acquisition by CLS of land in Paynesville and the beginning of the project to build a soccer field there were done without the knowledge of EV-W Community Ed. Latcham requested invoices, but none were presented. Latcham applied for a grant to help fund the project, but it was declined for lack of invoices and financial information from CLS. 

It is normal practice for Community Ed funds to not be carried over from year to year. Unspent monies in any given fund are used elsewhere within the program to make up shortfalls. This is what happened to the CLS funds for which no invoices were presented before the June 30 end of fiscal year.

At the February meeting, the EV-W School Board decided to decline paying the $6,000 for the reasons stated above.

EV-W Community Ed will continue to work with CLS to apply for grants and donations to help pay for the soccer field.

“This is an unfortunate situation,” said Latcham, “and I sincerely hope to see the new field develop and the club succeed as they finish the new field and continue to provide a quality program.