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Dec. 20 Update

Merry Christmas

On behalf of the Eden Valley – Watkins School District faculty and staff we want to thank you for working with us. We have worked very hard to meet your expectations in providing a quality education that is safe and nurturing. We take pride in our work and our profession, and continually explore new ideas, concepts, and practices that will prepare your child for the future demands of this global economy.

We want to thank you for your support and participation in all of our academic, artistic, and athletic programming. We hope this holiday season brings you happiness and peace of mind. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Affluenza – blame the parents

As a self-professed fan of the English language, I like to think I stay hip with our ever-evolving lingo, but I learned a new vocabulary word this week. It came to my attention during a news story about a 16-year-old boy in Texas who, as part of his defense in a drunk-driving case, claimed he suffered from a condition called affluenza, or poor-little-rich-kid syndrome.

His legal team said he couldn’t be held accountable for his actions because he was too rich to understand that other people are, well, people too. His parents’ wealthy lifestyle makes them responsible for his affliction. They were so busy buying him expensive vehicles, designer clothing and lavish toys that they forgot to teach him right from wrong. Or so the story goes. In other words, this whole thing is not his fault.


Hot mama versus cool daddy

I am a hot mama – although not in the way you might be thinking. I am hot, but I’m not referring to a trendy or hip sort of fashion, which, ironically, might also be thought of as cool. I am hot as in Hades hot. Temperature hot. My husband is not. (Hot in a temperature sort of way, that is.)

It didn’t used to be like this.

In our early years of marriage I suffered from chilled-to-the-bone syndrome. Brrrr was practically my middle name, especially at night. I wore winter pajamas – the kind with the feet built right in. I piled on thick quilts and comforters – the more the merrier. Still, I froze.

Being the yin and yang that we are, my husband, who rested on his side of our bed inches from me, complained of the insufferable heat while I shivered and threw on an extra blanket. His body operated like an oven; my toes were like those jelled ice packs you use to soothe a pulled muscle.


Dec. 13 Update


The school district negotiations team met with the Eden Valley – Watkins Federation of Teachers team on Tuesday, Dec. 10. Continuous progress was made and we have reached a tentative agreement on language and finances. We’re in the process of completing the updates to the tentative contract that will eventually be voted on by members of each bargaining group.

I’d like to recognize and thank the following team members for the sacrificed time, patience, and displays of professional character and community pride while collaborating in the best interest of the Eden Valley-Watkins School District. The teachers were represented by Mary Holmberg, Diane Steffes, Donna Orbeck, Dave Dziengel and Jake Anderson. The district was represented by Bob Stenger, Shelley Kern, Julie Meyer, and alternate Rob Flaschenriem.


Kids say the darnedest …

If you’re ever around kids for any extended period of time – or even a not so extended period of time – you’ll observe firsthand that they come up with some interesting, unique, hysterical and brutally honest observations about the world as they perceive it. My own offspring are no exception. When I find myself grinning or pondering something they’ve said, I jot it down, to remember, reminisce and share with others, here. (And perhaps to use as leverage at a later date.)JillPertler-RGB

Four-legged friends

• Our always-appropriate son asked my husband and me, “What do you get when you breed a bulldog with a Shih Tzu?” It took a moment for our brains to leap where his had already gone, but the answer to his little “joke” amounted to a double parent sigh.

• We watched a documentary on the origin of domesticated animals and one son asked, “If the first dogs were wolves, how in the heck did that turn into a wiener dog?”

• As an equal petportunity household, we give plenty of brain time to cats, as one child demonstrated when he said, “I wish people were like cats, because then we’d have nine lives and we wouldn’t have to worry about dying if we jumped off a bridge or high building without a parachute.”