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Forest City Stockade: Recollections of the descendants of early settlers

Text from The Meeker REA
Pioneer, October 1975; reprinted in the Tri-County News Oct. 2, 2003.

The following are incidents relating to those who were residents of Meeker County during the late 1850s and the early 1860s, as told by their descendants, who have recalled various incidents and stories told by their relatives who took refuge in the (Forest City) Stockade at the time of the Sioux Indian Uprising in Meeker County.

These are but a few of the stories that might be told about the residents of that time.


Civil War digest: This week 150 years ago June 10-16, 1863June 3-9, 1863

Major Highlights for the Week

Wednesday, June 10, 1863

Citizens north of the Potomac River were already alarmed about an impending Confederate advance, even though the Confederate army was not on their soil. Major General Joseph Hooker, commanding the Federal Army of the Potomac, wrote to Lincoln that it was now the time to march on Richmond, Va. Lincoln replied, “I think Lee’s Army, and not Richmond, is your true objective point.”


Experience granite heritage at Quarry Park

Public demonstration of derrick

The public will have the rare opportunity to see the 100-year old wooden Liberty Derrick at work at Quarry Park and Nature Preserve on Saturday, June 15. The derrick will be put into operation as part of Waite Park’s Spas Tag Festival.

Derricks were the main equipment used by granite companies from about 1900 to 1950 for lifting huge blocks of granite from the quarries. Now Stearns County Parks will operate the Liberty Derrick to demonstrate the process to the public. A four-ton block of granite will be hoisted from the quarry floor at 1, 2, and 3 p.m. on Saturday, June 15. Excellent viewing locations will be the observation areas along Quarries 17 and 18, and just south of the parking lot.


Early school days were Golden Rule days

With high school graduations upon us and the end of the school year near, it’s appropriate that we take time to look back at some history of the schools in our area.

The educational system in Eden Valley began way back in 1887 when a two-room structure was built. J. Winings was appointed the first superintendent of schools.

As important as learning in those early years was, discipline and the teachers could sometimes be very strict. One former Eden Valley resident, Fay Jones remembered “there sure were some cranky teachers.”

One of those teachers was Martha Murray, who taught in the early 1900s.


Breakfast Club – Coffee with Marilyn June 12

The Stearns Museum and Research Center invites you to breakfast with Marilyn Salzl Brinkman 9 a.m. Wednesday, June 12. Many of you know Marilyn already, and many more of you know her work. She has shared many of her stories in books and articles. Growing up in central Minnesota on a farm with 14 brothers and sisters, and her lifetime in and around Stearns County have afforded Marilyn many experiences to write about. Her keen eye and warm wit have turned those experiences into great stories.

Her latest book, “Aprons, Flower Sacks & Other Folk Histories”, offers a collection of articles most of which appeared initially in the St. Cloud Times. Here gathered together, the articles add up to a significant contribution to the folk history of central Minnesota.

No doubt, her stories will spark a memory and your own stories, too. It will seem like having coffee with a longtime friend. For members, admittance is free, non-members are $5

The American Alliance of Museums accredits the Stearns History Museum and Research Center. It is located at 235 33rd Avenue South in St. Cloud.