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William Bros farm is one of best in great dairy realm

John Steman is manager of big tract in Maine Prairie Town

Text taken from the Daily Journal-Press, St. Cloud, March 20, 1928. Reprinted from the Tri-County News Thursday, Sept. 20, 2001.

Stearns County boasts of many wonderful farms equipped with every facility to properly conduct such institutions.w-Green-Farm195

Among these, none are more worthy of commendable mention than that of Wm. Bros, located on Trunk Highway 24, a mile northeast of what is known as Maine Prairie Corners. This farm comprises 480 acres, and is given over largely to the raising of blooded milk strain short horn cattle. This farm is probably one of the best in the county, and is under the capable management of John Steman, a practical farmer who has spent all of his life in this branch of husbandry. He is a native of Minnesota, and was raised in Meeker County, locating on the Bros farm some six years ago.

At the present time, the stock consists of 53 head, a number of which have received premiums at the Benton County and Tri-County Fairs. Poland China hogs are raised to a large extent and, at the present time, more than 100 animals are in the sheds. Shropshire sheep also have a place, and assume an important part of the farm’s output. All of the feed for the stock is raised on the farm. Mr. Steman is a strong advocate of alfalfa, and 25 acres were planted last year, the product being used as feed for the milk cows.

Wm. Bros is at the head of the Wm. Bros Boiler & Manufacturing Company of Minneapolis. While he enjoys farming, it is not a hobby with him, but he runs his farm in a business-like way. He keeps the farm, stock and equipment up-to-the-minute all of the time, and it naturally follows that it is an asset and not a liability.

This stock farm carries a large modern home and numerous out buildings, including sheds for the hogs, sheep and chickens. The main barn structure is 36 x 92 feet and arranged throughout with the famous Hudson equipment. All the farm buildings are electrically lighted, and everything is as nearly up-to-date as money and brains can make it.

White Leghorn chickens are raised to some extent, but not for market. There are 575 on the place at the present time.

Wm. Bros is one of the successful businessmen of Minneapolis, and has conducted his large boiler manufacturing plant for many years. He is a valuable asset to the county, his substantial investment within its confines proving conclusively that he has faith in modern farming and stock raising.

Visitors are always welcome at the Bros farm, and they will find it a most interesting place to inspect when out that way. Persons interested will see here one of the finest herds of milk strain cattle, and will find it profitable to talk to
Mr. Steman who will be only too glad to show them around the place. Mr. Steman is ably assisted in the management of the farm by his good wife, who insists that there is no place so dear to her as the farmstead.

William Bros of Minneapolis, whose extensive farming interests in the Town of Maine Prairie are referred to in the above column of this issue, has a finely appointed summer home on the property where Mr. and Mrs. Bros and the members of their family spend the summer months away from the heat and confusion of the city.

Mr. Bros is a genial gentleman, and is always pleased to have interested people visit his farm.

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