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Did you know there was a Kimball Community Club?

Reprinted from the Tri-County News Jan. 25, 2001.

An organization known as the “Commercial Club” was organized around 1910 and remained active until 1921, when the Community Club was organized in Kimball. The Community Club was the forerunner of the Kimball Area Chamber of Commerce, organized in 1995.

The Kimball Community Club, the backbone of every civic enterprise in the vicinity of the village, is one of the reputed live, civic organizations in Central Minnesota. At present, the club is conducting an active campaign for obtaining extensive grading on the trunk highways which pass through the city.

The club meets the first Monday in every month, and a general session is held the last Monday of each month. The general sessions are open to the public. The Club was instrumental in organization of the Kimball Tri-County Fair Association which is planning to hold fall fairs as large as the largest in this section of the state.

L. Engel is president of the club, F.G. Bower secretary, A.C. Douglas secretary; and N.A. Brown, Vene Philips and J.W. Johnson directors.

Text from St. Cloud Daily Times, June 19, 1922.

Civic Clubs of Kimball Prove Spirit of City

Kimball Is One Of Liveliest Business Towns In This Section of Minnesota

Kimball, known over Central Minnesota as the liveliest business town, between Minneapolis and Glenwood, has recently taken on a new business asset, namely the dozen lakes which lie in all directions of the town. The Kimball
Community Club has taken the matter of advertising the lakes in hand and active measures have been taken by every business man in Kimball to advertise the lakes which are rapidly proving an attraction to vacationists.

Kimball has two civic organizations which are actively engaged in bettering the town. The Fair and Sales Association which grew out of the Community Club is devoting its entire time to the establishment of a Tri-County Fair, which will eclipse all others in Central Minnesota, and the advancement of the cattle industry. The Club has taken an active part in the introduction and raising of Guernsey dairy cattle with great success.

The Community Club, organized for the past several years, fostered the movement for advertising nature’s gift to
Kimball, and at present is obtaining heavy maintenance on the road between Kimball and
St. Cloud, which is one of the best highways in the state. The Highway Department has stated, through requests of the Club, that the highway will be graded next year. The Club has fathered every civic improvement.

Is Agriculture Center?

Kimball, situated on the Soo Line 20 miles from St. Cloud, furnishes a trading center for a large agricultural territory, one of the richest in the state. Corn, hogs and Guernsey cattle are the main items of the Kimball farming community. Wheat, barley, rye, oats and all other crops raised in this state abound in Kimball soil. Through the efforts of a well organized Guernsey Breeders’ Association, that type of stock prevails in the community of Kimball, although Herefords hold a prominent place. Dairying and hog raising are prominent industries.

To accommodate this large agriculture territory, Kimball offers two well stocked general stores, two elevators, a new creamery, two banks, a drug store, one garage with a second under construction at present, a hotel, a furniture store, machine shop, blacksmith shop, motion picture house, a live newspaper, two hardware stores, and several other places of business. Four churches attract Kimball residents, and a modern high school is a direct indication of Kimball’s progressive spirit.

At present, two buildings are under construction on Kimball’s business street. A new garage and implement shop is being erected on a corner location. The garage, when completed, will be one of the largest in the vicinity, and replaces the garage which burned to the ground several weeks ago. Next to the new garage site, a building is being entirely remodeled to be used as the new post office and the post office building, in turn, will be remodeled for the Kimball Kodak, one of the truly live papers of Central Minnesota.

That congenial spirit of business enterprise prevails over Kimball is evident even to the casual visitor. The stores during the entire day are busy with patrons on Wednesday, and Saturday finds the town lined with cars from Kimball and its trade territory. Here is abundant evidencer on all sides of a splendid civic pride.

Text from St. Cloud Daily Times, June 19, 1922.

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The June event will feature The history of Lake Francis and surrounding area.

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