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More on the Kimball Community Club Part 2


Reprinted from  the Tri-County News Feb. 22, 2001.

Text from St. Cloud Daily Journal-Press, March 20, 1928.

“Soon after the Community Club was organized, a committee was appointed which found 12 members interested in recreation for children. The result being, they bought a good second-hand merry-go-round. They reasoned that where children are found, their parents would be also. The merry-go-round is stored in the pavilion, and on celebration days is set up and operated at a charge of 5¢ a ride. These 12 men have long since received their money back, and continue to operate the merry-go-round for the amusement of the children of the community.

“The past summer, the Legion members of the community built a building on the grounds at a cost of $3,000 and dedicated it as the Legion Pavilion. Programs and dances are held frequently. The hall and grounds are policed by Legion members, who allow no liquor on the grounds, and maintain conditions so that parents of the community can safely let their children go there for amusement and recreation.


“The management of the grounds has this year erected a large hog barn out of the fair profits, and next year hope to build a cattle barn and poultry sheds. The association has never been in debt, and only build as the receipts permit. Each year sales of purebred and grade cattle and hogs and poultry are held on the grounds, and there is much good-natured rivalry in seeking to improve livestock of all kinds. Also various kinds of fruits and vegetables.

“At our Community Club, we have had such community speakers as Judge Wilson, Dr. Frank Weber, Charles R. Hutcheson and many university professors and county agents. Our Community Club meetings are always happy and joyous affairs, and looking backward at nearly five years of organized friendship, we feel the Kimball Community Club came into existence at an opportune time; that much good has been accomplished. There is a marked improvement in all things. We used to say ‘let George do it,’ and we used to listen to old man Gloom, but town and country acting together have carried them both to the cemetery and, while we were at it, we carried hate, suspicion and jealousy out to the junk pile where we hope they will stay forever.”

The activities of the Club since this able article was first published is another interesting chapter.

Since the Kimball Community Club has continued its monthly meetings. At the last meeting, Feb. 27, 1928, more than 500 people crowded the Village Hall to capacity. The Community Club has sponsored the organization of tobacco units, also the growth of alfalfa and purebred cattle of various strains, and is constantly seeking, with the aid of its town and country members, to solve perplexing questions as they come up for attention.

Kimball Community Club tells world its many advantages

Text from St. Cloud Daily Times, June 19, 1922.

The Southern Gate to Stearns County

On Main Line of Soo Railway

A Junction Point on two trunk highways

Municipal camping ground with shade and spring water

Good school and excellent churches

Has day and night electric service

Rich farming country with large crops every year

Best chance for farmers seeking land at reasonable prices

Well-equipped creamery

Ten beautiful lakes within seven miles teeming with fish

Good business buildings and residences

Four nice trout streams stocked with speckled beauties

Community fair grounds and sales pavilion

Farmers Co-operative Elevator Co.

A prosperous pickling station

Sixty miles west of Minneapolis

New settlers always welcome.

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Monday, May 26, Memorial Day brings recollections of many of our hometown boys who fought for freedom America enjoys. Their courage and honor will endure for all time. We are grateful for the opportunity this Memorial Day weekend offers to remember and appreciate the bravery of all our military then and now.

The Kimball Area Historical Society’s mission is to share the stories and relevance of our area’s founding. We do this by working to connect with the people, events and objects of history. One of our charter members presents the Kimball History to Kimball’s sixth-graders, complete with historic Knaus jerky samples, prizes and once-in-a-lifetime program we provide at the Kimball Elementary School. Thanks to Mariella Arnold for her time, teaching skills and passion for youth and history. She’s been presenting these for 12 years.

It’s not too late to join or renew memberships. Please contact the Kimball Area Historical Society at Box 55, Kimball MN 55353, phone (320) 398-5250, or 5743, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

History of Lake Francis Area June 24

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