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Hamilton’s Mink Ranch

Operated by Ernest and Ann Hamilton

Originally published in the W-Ann-HamiltonsFarm208Tri-County News Aug. 7, 1986

The name on the mail box read “Hamilton’s Mink Ranch.” Our ranch was two miles north of Kingston in full operation from January 1960. (I remember the day, Jan. 4, when we moved. The temperature was 22 below zero) until December 1970.


Civil War digest: This week 150 years ago April 29-May 4, 1863

Major Highlights for the Week

Wednesday, April 29, 1863

In Virginia, the majority of Major General Joseph Hooker’s Army of the Potomac crossed the Rappahannock River at Kelly’s and U.S. fords, plunging into the Wilderness, clear of the left flank of General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia. Other actions in the area included Franklin’s Crossing (or Deep Run), just below Fredericksburg, and at Fitzhugh’s Crossing. Federals from Falmouth tried to divert the Confederates from the major effort above the city. Other skirmishing in Virginia occurred at Crook’s Run and Germanna Ford, Kellysville, Brandy Station and Stevensburg.


Civil War digest: This week 150 years ago April 22-28,1863

Major Highlights for the Week

Wednesday, April 22, 1863

A Federal flotilla of six transports and 12 barges attempted to pass the Confederate artillery batteries in front of Vicksburg, Miss. One transport and six barges were sunk, but the remainder carried their supplies to Major General Ulysses S. Grant’s troops below the city.

Skirmishing occurred at Fredericktown, Mo.; Bayou Boeuf Road near Washington, La.; Hartsville, Tenn.; Rock Cut near Tuscumbia, Ala.; Point Pleasant, W.V.; and Fisher’s Hill, Va.


Do you remember these good old days?

Reprinted from the Tri-County News March 4, 2004.  Text is from a personal letter dated June 25, 1972

Dear Lois & Richard:

Your letter turned my thoughts back many years, and memories of those days are vague, to say the least. It was the spring of 1901 when we moved to Kimball. My father died in Sept. 1903, and Mother sold the farm and we moved back to Minneapolis in the spring of 1904. An elderly couple named Withey, and their son Guy, bought the place. They came from either Shakopee or Chaska, possibly near where you are located. They brought many head of cattle, and our barn was large enough to accommodate them, but I guess they felt more pasture land was needed, and sold the property and moved on to North Dakota. I think they lived there only two or three years. I know nothing of who bought the farm from them or the present owners, the Holmans.


Civil War digest: This week 150 years ago April 15-21, 1863

Major Highlights for the Week

Wednesday, April 15, 1863

Major General Ulysses S. Grant’s forces continued to move from Milliken’s Bend on the Mississippi River to below Vicksburg, Miss., skirmishing near Dunbar’s Plantation on Bayou Vidal, La.

President Abraham Lincoln expressed his concern to Major General Joseph Hooker, Army of the Potomac commander, regarding the slow pace of Major General George Stoneman’s cavalry operations.