Tricounty News

Watkins P.O. hires new clerk

Kim Maurer is the new PSE clerk (Postal Support Employee) at the Watkins Post Office. She started in March, and she’s brand-new to the USPS. (Kim had formerly been a phlebotomist for several years.)

Kim joins postmaster Janice Sheets, and rural mail carriers Dennis Loch and Tim Mackedanz (both Watkins carriers), and Laurie Weber and Theresa Booth (both Eden Valley carriers) in the Watkins office.

w-Kim MaurerKim works part-time, six days a week; she covers the office Saturday mornings. She replaces Sarah, who left in August.

Kim grew up in Watkins; her grandparents were Peter and Evelyn Walters. She now lives in Fair Haven with her husband Dave and their two daughters and three horses.