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Mike Schultz having a ‘monster’ of a summer

“Monster” Mike Schultz enjoys summer. He’s really enjoying this summer.

Schultz won the gold medal in early August at the Adaptive Moto-X event at the ESPN Summer X-Games in Los Angeles.

Winning gold never gets old to Schultz who knew he had his work cut out for him at the ESPN games.

“I knew I would have some stiff competition so I built a practice track at home.”

Before the competition in practice at the event “a couple of the other guys looked strong,” Schultz said. “I knew I needed a good start and at the first corner I was in second place.”

Schultz knew he would have an opportunity somewhere during the race to make his move, and that’s exactly what he did in the fifth lap when “I made my move and made it stick.”

“Winning in the motocross never gets old. The bumps are so much bigger (than in snowmobile racing). To be on the top of the game on a dirt bike is huge.”

While at the event Schultz got a call from the Kimball Days parade organizers, asking him if he wanted to appear in the parade.W-100

“It was kind of funny getting the call at the X-Games. But to come home with the gold in front of family and friends was nice.”

Schultz is a hesitant celebrity, but he admits “it’s kind of neat.”

The major summer races are over for Schultz now. He may participate in some smaller local events, but his next official race will be around the first of the year on a snowmobile. And even though he enjoys snowmobile racing, Schultz isn’t wishing summer away.

“I like summer. I’m not wishing for snow too soon.”

During the fall months Schultz enjoys riding horses near his Pillager home. And while he rides horses for enjoyment, the racer in him comes out from time to time when he and his friends will race their steeds around the local motocross track.

When asked if that’s dangerous, Schultz just laughs.

“Monster” Mike Schultz was in the Kimball Days parade Aug. 11, just days after winning yet another gold medal in the XGames. Mike lost his left leg after a devastating snowmobile racing accident Dec. 13, 2008. He has earned several gold medals in both snocross and motocross racing since then. Mike and wife Sara are both Kimball graduates and are planning to move back to the Kimball area soon.