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Tatum Libbesmeier in Nashville!

 Possibly millions watched the CMA Christmas show Monday evening on ABC, with lots of country and music stars singing their favorite Christmas songs. A true “star” of the two-hour show was Tatum Libbesmeier who got to meet Luke Bryan W-Tatum-and-Lukeas her Make-A-Wish wish. Above, Tatum with Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty”after the show; he signed and gave her his headband. Above right, Luke and Tatum after the show; he’s wearing her “Fight” bracelet. At right, Tatum and host
W-IMG 1758Jennifer Nettles after the show. At far right, Luke and Make-A-Wish sponsor Macy’s treated Tatum to a makeover and a new outfit; Luke signed both of her brand-new boots. Luke has promised Tatum and her girlfriends a “girls’ night out” when he plays in Fargo in February; he’ll fetch them by limo at her Herman home.

W-IMG 1605W-Tatum-and-Willie

“Thank you” to Tatum’s parents Lisa and Scott for sharing these photos! Tatum defeated retinoblastoma, but continues to have medical issues.