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Stearns History Museum announces design competition

First ever Stearns History Museum design competition – “Design Off”

• Are you a graphic designer who wants more attention and visibility for your work?

• Do you want to hang out with other designers at one of the top museums in Minnesota and show off your mad designing skills?

Join in the competition at the Stearns History Museum “Design Off” Monday, Feb. 10, 2014. The museum is looking for artists and designers who want to participate in a competition to create a concept design of a front porch to represent the museum’s new vision.

What does that mean?

In October of 2013, Executive Director Tim Hoheisel presented a new vision to the museum board of directors. Hoheisel proposed the Stearns History Museum become the “Front Porch” of the community.


Powell takes Air Force oath

Allie Powell (at left), a 2013 graduate of Apollo High School, joined active duty in the Air Force, taking the oath Tuesday, Jan. 28. Her basic training started the W-Allie-Powell-Air-Force-oathsame day, at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Allie is the daughter of Connie (Knaus) Powell of St. Cloud and Robert Powell of Clear Lake, both of whom were security police in the Air Force. She is the granddaughter of Ron Knaus of Kimball.

It should be noted that Allie is the third member of the Knaus family to take the military oath, along with her mother Connie and great-grandfather Carlyle (who was in the Marines). Allie’s oath was taken on the seventh anniversary of Carlyle’s death.

Congratulations, Allie,
and thank you!


Kingston Lions Ice Fishing Contest winners

Saturday, Feb. 1, from 1-3 p.m. the Kingston Lions held their 26th annual fishing contest at the northwest side of Lake Francis.W-Kingston-Ice-Fishing-DSCF2743

Fish winners are

First – Bailee Hedke of Litchfield

Second – Cody Mackereth of Kimball

Third – Shannon Caughey of Duluth

Crappie – Jeff Lloyd of Rogers

Sunfish – Cody Mackereth of Kimball


Enter the 2014 Monticello Photo Show

The Monticello Camera Club is currently accepting submissions for the 11th Annual Monticello Photo Show Saturday and Sunday, March 29-30 in River City Extreme’s newly remodeled banquet room.

Photographers of all skill levels are invited to enter, and information on submissions can be found at Entries are due no later than March 1.

Admission to the photo show is free, and everyone is welcome to attend and vote for their favorite entries.

For more information, visit, or call Bob Somerville at (763) 295-3179.

Yes, it was cold!

Sun dogs at dawn Monday morning, Jan. 27. Along Highway 15 near Kimball, it looks like a desolate, god-forsaken place. Add the 20-below temperature and about 45-below wind chill and it feels desolate too. What you can’t see w-Sundogshere are the many areas along Highway 15 that had 5- to 6-foot snowdrifts. The highway was closed for several hours Sunday afternoon after a 10-car pileup caused by poor visibility. Sunday afternoon, MnDOT pulled its plow trucks off the road until morning, and the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office asked everyone to stay off the road entirely. Schools in the area were cancelled Monday and Tuesday because of the bitterly cold temperatures and bad road conditions. Each district makes the call to delay or cancel school, and each will have to determine when those days will be made up. Staff photo by Anton Matua.

(The sun dog phenomena occurs when temperatures are very cold and there is moisture in the air. Sunlight is refracted off of ice crystals in the air to form a sort of parentheses around the sun. This can happen with moonlight, too, as moon dogs.)