Tricounty News

On change

We’ve heard from dozens of readers already since last week’s redesign. So far, everything has been very positive. Thank you!

We’ve heard, as expected, that you like having news of multiple communities all in one place. We’ve also heard that the changes in design and layout of the paper do make things easier to find and read. And we’ve heard compliments on our content, and the amount of it. One reader even commented on the refreshing lack of “leftovers,” both ads and stories, from another newspaper.

There is a little sadness about the loss of that big front-page photo. But the new design will work fine, and still allow us to “feature” photos as appropriate.


A new look, and so much more

Two big announcements

1) We have redesigned the entire newspaper. It has been many years since we did a total re-design of the newspaper, and now is a good time for another. Not that there was anything wrong with the old design. But it is time for something fresh and new (and, we feel, even better). It’s not completely final yet. Nothing is set in stone; with a newspaper, nothing ever is, really. We will continue to make tweaks and minor adjustments in the coming weeks and months.

The primary goal of the redesign is to make things even easier to find. Clean, crisp, simple. In conjunction with the design improvements, we will continue to work to tighten up the news in our paper. No need for a half-page boring mass of gray words on a page when the pertinent information can be relayed more succinctly.

The full-page photo feature on page one is gone, a bit reluctantly. In its place will be the most important stories and photos of the week; these stories will continue inside the paper, clearly marked. This gives exposure to more of what’s going on in our communities at a glance. We’ can better focus now on the stories and the great photos that accompany them. And we can now showcase more of them on page one.


ATTENTION: Eden Valley-Watkins subscribers

Some of you recently received a postcard from the Voice which states that they have acquired the year-and-a-half-old mailing list of the Journal Patriot. Based on phone calls and comments, this announcement has caused a bit of confusion for some of our readers, particularly about the future role of the Tri-County News in Eden Valley and Watkins.

Rest assured that we’re not going anywhere. We will have an important announcement here in two weeks, but it’s a positive one. We are the official legal newspaper of the EV-W school district and for both cities, and we take that responsibility very seriously.


A change of seasons

Many people like fall. Evenings turn cool, relieving the heat of summer. Days are getting shorter. Leaves begin to turn color. So far, there’s just a hint of that here and there.

Personally, I prefer spring. It’s the rebirth of everything (especially here in the sub-arctic North).

Fall represents to me the long, slow decay of summer, and color. It is a foretaste of death, in a way.

It may be the dying grass, flowers and foliage that  predisposes me to think more of death and dying. So when there seemed to be an inordinate number of my peers’ parents dying in the past month or so, I take note.


No one likes change … at first

They say that only a wet baby likes change. (Of course, they also say that politicians are like babies; they should be changed often.)

It’s human nature, though, to dislike and even to resist change. It only gets worse with age. We find a comfortable routine, and we like to stick to it, all the time. Anything that sets us off that routine is a major irritant. (Prime example: road rage.) 

Some people are more set in their ways, regardless of their age, than others.