Tricounty News

Play and Learn School Fall Letter

Cortney Voigt-Ely

Early Childhood Educator

This year Play and Learn School (preschool for ages 3-5) is excited about offering families and students an opportunity to talk about healthy eating choices at school and at home! This will be an on-going focus throughout the school year through such means as changing our birthday treat list, offering a monthly cooking unit, and encouraging water bottles at school. Families will be notified during their child's birthday month of a recipe we will be assembling. They will be asked to provide one ingredient from that recipe. All recipes chosen will be allergy-safe and eaten for snack during the preschool day! Students with summer birthdays will also be able to participate.

Lastly, water bottles are welcomed to our room this year. They should be labeled and kept in the student's backpack. After observing students' use of the drinking fountain in the preschool room, it was determined a change was needed. It was very difficult for students to use the drinking fountain independently. We will be teaching students appropriate times to get a drink during our time together and the benefits of staying hydrated!

We look forward to another successful year!

For more information about Play and Learn School, please contact ECFE/Play and Learn School Coordinator, Sally Belgum-Blad, at (320) 398-7700 Ext 218.