Tricounty News

Contest time for winners

The beginning of a new school year is always a time of transition.

Last week, we introduced the Eden Valley-Watkins Edition of the Tri-County News to coincide with the new start of school. We've been very pleased with the incredibly positive reception this edition has enjoyed. We'll definitely continue it, adjusting as we go along!

It's always exciting to start something new. But it's especially thrilling when it's something that's so needed, and so welcomed. Thank you!

It's newspaper contest time in Minnesota again. As last year, I was so anxious to start the process that I was again the first one in the state to log in and start the online process. But then my heart sank about 10 inches or so when I discovered that many of our archival pages had vanished. (We received a recovered hard drive after our "challenge" a month or so ago, but all of the newspaper pages were missing from the archive files.) Fifty-two weeks, four and a half years worth of pages, all gone. But not really. All day today, I've felt positively recharged because they found them, all of them. I should have them within days. Almost makes me want to buy a lottery ticket. (Almost.)

Speaking of contests, we received word today (and will put it online and in next week's Tri-County News) that two of the three winners of the Stearns County annual photo contest are from Kimball. (One of them is our very own Jonathon Green, and his photo of kids in the Kimball Days watermelon-eating contest graced our front page earlier this summer.)

In truth, we view each week, each issue as a contest. We aim to do our very best, within the limits of one week's time. In spite of our weekly successes, there's always more and better to be achieved. That's the beauty of competition, even if it's competition with yourself: even a winner can always improve.

P.S. The young man who passed through Kimball this summer on his way cross-country texted me today just before getting on a plane in New York, headed for home in England. What a summer he had!