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Making dreams come true in Watkins

Hilltop Health Care Center has been making dreams come true and plan to continue to make dreams come true. In October 2012, Hilltop Health Care Center has made dreams come true for eight residents. One resident was taken to her family farm and to Walmart in Litchfield. Walmart donated a gift card for her to go shopping.

Two residents requested to go to Central Livestock in Albany, to see the sale of cattle. Central Café donated meals for all the residents and volunteers that attended. Central Livestock gave all the volunteers and residents hats and calendars.

Another resident visited an old friend near Pearl Lake and brought donuts. Four other residents requested to go deer hunting. A scene was set up at Hilltop with a Styrofoam deer, trees and plants, and a hunting blind. Staff donated camouflage and orange hunting clothes and fake guns. A deer call was used as residents aimed at the deer. Residents laughed about the event. Other residents began to join in. After one of the dreams became a reality, the residents stated "Thanks a million!"

It has been a pleasure for Hilltop to work with the volunteers, families, and the community to make dreams come true! This is only the beginning of Hilltop's dream program. Hilltop Health Care Center's goal is to make a dream come true for every resident. They look forward to working with everyone to continue to be dream makers! Hilltop Health Care Center is located in Watkins at 410 Luella Street.