Tricounty News

School staff recognition event Sept. 26

Resource Training & Solutions celebrated a Staff Recognition Event Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the St. Cloud Civic Center.

Welcome and introductions were given by Dr. Robert C. Cavanna, executive Director of Resource Training & Solutions. Presiding superintendent was Scott Staska of ROCORI School District. Keynote address was given ty the comedic team of Tina and Lena.

Support staff of several school districts were given awards and recognized for their dedication. Among those honored were support personnel of the Eden Valley-Watkins School District and the Kimball Area School District.

From the Eden Valley-Watkins School, Dr. Mark Messman, superintendent was honored, as well as staff persons Gwen Asfeld, Jeanne Geislinger, and Vicki Meyer.

From the Kimball Area School District was John Tritabaugh, superintendent, and staff support Laurel Hunt, Lorelei Miller, and Patty Jean Schiefelbein.

The school districts are grateful for their dedication and support of the teaching staff and students.