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Emily's story

Emily Sieben is in seventh grade, and was diagnosed with a brain tumor May 8, 2009.

She is an active child in Watkins who has been battling cancer for nearly four of her 12 years. At 8, a tumor was discovered growing behind her eye.

In April 2009, Emily started complaining of headaches that would come and go. They continued to get more severe until they were unbearable. Emily went to see the doctor April 30. They thought her headaches were caused by fever and strep throat. The headaches continued through the weekend and she went back to see the doctor on Monday. After an MRI, a call was received back about a "growth."

After more testing, a visual screen with Emily found that her visual field was diminished in her right eye. That explained why her neck was so sore and she held her head so funny. Emily also had hydrocephalus, which meant that the cerebral spinal fluid made in the ventricals of the brain was not draining properly.

May 19, 2009, Emily had a craniotomy for right brain biopsy and placement of external ventricular drain.

Emily is now 12, and still wears a grin as she continues to weather surgeries, chemo, physical therapy, sickness, multiple trips to the Children's Hospital, time away from her family and friends, and now a 6-week radiation treatment in Chicago with her mother to try the next best option for medical treatment. She simply refuses to give up and believes in taking each day in stride as it comes. Emily is involved in volleyball and basketball, Girl Scouts, plays with her three younger siblings. pulls pranks and makes jokes. Laughter follows Emily wherever she roams and is her best medicine along with the support of her close family and friends.

Staff at Eden Valley-Watkins schools pooled their money together to buy Emily an iPad to help her keep in touch with her family and friends while she's in Chicago. It will help her keep up with her schoolwork, too.

There are several benefits planned to help Emily in her courageous fight. A fundraiser planned for Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013, will include a silent auction and dinner. If you would like to contribute to Emily's fight against cancer, contact by phone (320)

764-5595, or e-mail ESKickin

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . There is an account fund in Emily Sieben's name being set up at the State Bank of Eden Valley. If you prefer to simply mail your donation, please send to Connie Mathies, ATTN: EMILY PO Box 105, Watkins MN 55389.