Tricounty News

November 2 Update

Mark Messman

Superintendent, EV-W Schools

Building Project:

Progress on our secondary construction project continues as expected. You may have noticed that a lot of excavating, curbs, sidewalk, and asphalt have been completed on the South side of the gymnasium. The final layer of parking lot asphalt, or ware coat, will go down in the spring. The top level glass has been installed to the North and South Vestibules, and the lower levels will be installed in the near future. The open lower levels provide the only access for the lifts to get in and out of the gymnasium. The lifts are needed to complete the overhead heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to the gymnasium. Hansen Precast is on site and washing the exterior surface of the large precast gymnasium panels. We'll complete the South sidewalks once the precast washing is complete.

Contractors continue to work on our performance stage. The lift system is moving right along, the opening has been cut in, and exterior sleeves put into place. We're planning to have the stage painted early in the week. Once painted, we'll have the lights hung and clean up the area for flooring.

Please stop in for a visit with your questions and comments, and be sure to exercise caution when you're in the proximity of the construction zone.

Winter Hazard Awareness Week:

As we look ahead to another season of winter and adverse road conditions, I want to remind everyone to be prepared and have an emergency plan. Following is a list provided by Stearns County Emergency Management.

1. Always have appropriate clothing including hat and mittens.

2. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

3. Know the warning signs of hypothermia - uncontrolled shivering, memory loss, incoherence, slurred speech, drowsiness and apparent exhaustion.

4. Keep extra food and supplies at home in case a storm prevents traveling.

5. Have a battery operated radio to listen to updates during a storm.

6. Create a home and car survival kit for you and your family.

7. Keep your gas tank at least half full to prevent the gas line from freezing.

You can find additional winter safety information on the following websites:






Senior of the Week:

The EV-W School District would like to recognize Patrick Latcham, son of Bob and Kris. Patrick has been a member of the Speech Team since seventh grade and has demonstrated quality leadership skills. Last year he placed 6th in the Humorous Category. Academically, he's one of our top students, and always brings an interesting perspective to discussions. Patrick is also known for his technological abilities, and continues to challenge himself in all venues. Congratulations!