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Setting the record straight

To set the record straight on some issues regarding the City of Watkins: The Watkins City Council discussed repairing the roof on City Hall a few times in 2011 and again in 2012 before taking action. The City Council did not approve this project multiple times nor did it budget and levy for it year after year and never spend the money. The 2012 General Fund budget included $40,000 for capital outlay expense for repairing city buildings. At the June 14, 2012, council meeting, the City Council approved to replace the insulation in the walls and roof along with new steel on the walls and roof at a cost of $71,200.00.

The City Council also budgeted for the purchase of a new Public Works Department truck in 2012. This was a budgeted expenditure in the Vehicle Replacement Fund which is mainly for Public Works Department vehicles. The [Fire] Equipment Replacement Fund is for the purchase of fire department vehicles. The Vehicle Replacement Fund had a balance of $80,001.50 at the time of the purchase. The cost of the truck was $21,783.26. This expenditure was not included as part of the General Fund budget and the citizens of Watkins were not unduly taxed for it.

The City Council certified a proposed general operating levy in the amount of $323,070 for taxes collectible in 2013. This is the same amount that was certified as the final general operating levy for taxes collectible in 2012. The City Council was able to reduce the two debt service levies for taxes collectible in 2013, neither of which has anything to do with the General Fund budget or general levy.

Clerk Deb Kramer

Mayor Jim Loch