Tricounty News

Letter to the editor

I just finished reading the Editor's article about the city seeking funding for projects and enforcing laws and ordinances within the city of Kimball. Hats off to Chief Frilstad for trying to get us a crossing light on the City Hall corner! That intersection is very dangerous and has needed attention for years. The kids that have to cross back and forth for school activities, or go to the library are at great risk. They can't see a car coming over the rise of the hill by the bank until it's almost in the intersection, and to see to the south, they have to walk out into the highway to see around the cars parked along main street. If we had a crosswalk safety light there, it would be a very great thing. I am concerned about the police department recommending an ordinance on the use of ATVs and golf carts in Kimball. I have noticed a larger number of golf carts and four-wheelers parked around town and at area businesses, and it's no wonder. With gas prices sitting around $4 a gallon, and everyone scrambling to adjust their budgets and choose between gas for the car or milk for the fridge, it makes perfect sense to me that if you own a cheaper mode of transportation, that you would use it. When I was in high school, we had a thing called the "oil crisis." It was basically the same kind of thing we are facing now - there was war in the Middle East and those who owned the oil were upset because they didn't feel we were supporting the right cause and they refused to sell us oil. What was very different about that time, as compared to this current oil shortage, was the way the country and its citizens handled it. Back then, we were encouraged to cut down on our driving, walk and bike when we could, use scooters, mopeds and motorcycles, etc. It was considered the patriotic thing to do to help conserve our resources. It seems to me that we should be encouraging the use of "fuel-friendly" transportation options. What I don't think we should do is outlaw the use of these vehicles in town. As long as they obey the traffic laws and stay within the posted speed limits, it doesn't seem that they are posing any sort of danger or menace. I think they should be commended. Candy Stewart-James