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A different view of GMOs

I was very disappointed with the March 21 article on Genetically Modified Foods. The article begins by insinuating that people who oppose genetically modified organisms are ignorant. But are we fools if we question what the producers of genetically engineered foods tell us?

There is a fable about a king who was approached by two tailors. These tailors claimed to make robes of a fine silk, so fine in fact that fools cannot see them. The king was intrigued, but when they began sewing them, he couldn’t see the silk. Not wanting to admit he was a fool the king exclaimed that the robes were magnificent! He paid the tailors handsomely and they left. The king then paraded through the town entirely nude.

Genetically engineered foods are much more complex than robes, but we can be equally fooled with much graver results if we take only the word of those sowing.

Christopher Gustafson