Tricounty News

Count our blessings

We do not choose where we are born, so those of us who were born on American soil should be very thankful we were born here, the freest nation on Earth.

Thanksgiving is a good time to spend some extra time counting our blessings. And the list is quite long, from the freedoms we enjoy, to the people who volunteer to protect our liberty, to our ability to worship the God of our choice – or not worship – as we see fit, and our right to decide who represents us across various levels of government. These are just some of the sacred pillars that make our nation what it is, the greatest this world has ever known. Let us work to keep it that way with strong personal freedoms and states’ rights.

It remains a humbling honor to do my part to contribute as a citizen, as both a service member and an elected official. The debt never will be square, but these roles allow me to give back to a state and nation that have provided me so much more.

We sometimes get distracted by the daily grind and lose perspective of just how fortunate we are to be Americans. I encourage you to join me in snapping things back into focus this Thanksgiving holiday by reflecting on the things that make our lives as Americans so special. Be safe, enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, worship if you so choose, and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Good luck and God bless America,

Minnesota Rep. Jeff Howe

Rockville, Minn.