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Tidbits for April

Yet you wouldn’t know it by looking outside! It definitely looks more like any of the months between November and April. Most of central Minnesota got up on the 11th to find the weather predictions were right. Overnight the area was covered in an abundance of sleet, rain and snow and it wasn’t done. It was still snowing and the wind had decided to join in. Common sense prevailed and many schools closed, as well as many Senior Dining sites.

Thankfully, the temperature wasn’t too bad for the unpleasant, back-breaking task of shoveling. Man, was the beautiful white, white snow heavy! The snow proved to be just right for making snowmen. A friend of my grandson made a nice big one in my yard. Then the three of us had a little snowball fight. Now, eight days later, it looks like the snowman has been dieting quite successfully.

Some friends and I attended a dinner play at the Clearwater Legion Club on a Saturday night. The food wasn’t the greatest this year, but the play made up for it. There were a lot of phrases quoted throughout the play’s dialogue. One I hadn’t heard before stuck with me: “Just because there is a barn on the hill, doesn’t mean there is hay in the loft.”

The annual volunteer appreciation party had already been scheduled when the menus arrived with a Western Day theme scheduled for the same day. Therefore, a “double-header” was held at the dining site on the 16th. It began with the Kimball Kruisers 4-H Club making decorations. Thanks to their creativity, we hung sheriff badges and cacti from the ceiling over the tables. In keeping with the volunteer appreciation theme, “Volunteers are the Heart of Catholic Charities Senior Dining,” bright pink hearts were also hung, but over the serving area.

The majority of the diners wore some type of western attire and for those who didn’t, there were bandanas available. Due to encouragement of other diners, those who either forgot or chose not to dress for the occasion, ended up with at least a bandana tied around their necks. The food transporter showed up “inappropriately” dressed for the occasion, so the volunteer put a sheriff badge on him.

Dinner was followed with entertainment provided by Angie Hoeft. She is a self-taught guitar player, who, according to the volunteer who filled out the Volunteer Appreciation report, “has a beautiful voice and did a wonderful program.” I heartily agree.

Counting those who are on my on-call list, there are 24 volunteers at the site. They definitely are the heart of Catholic Charities Senior Dining here in Kimball. The program wouldn’t flow as smoothly as it does if it weren’t for the volunteers. I hope they know how much I appreciate them and all they do. Sometimes, saying “thank you” just doesn’t seem like enough.

Each volunteer was individually recognized and given a bright pink heart, a thank-you card. and a ticket for a free meal.

While a volunteer assisted me in serving a delicious strawberry cré dessert, Angie sang a few more songs, closing with “Live Like You’re Dying.” Now, there is some food for thought.

Starting now, an “Image and Story Consent Form” needs to be signed by each person in a picture or story before we can share photos taken here in the the newspaper. The exception would be if a reporter took the photos. That said, some neat pictures were taken by a diner. If we can get them printed off the cell phone that was used, they’ll be in the scrapbook at the dining site.

Our newest volunteer, Loretta, signed a release form. Therefore, a picture of her doing dishes accompanies Tidbits this month.

A fellow shared a tidbit he’d heard on the radio by asking us if we remembered the days when we had 10 speeds and our bicycles didn’t.

Coming up in May, on the 15th, is a “Flower Garden Party.” Do you think spring will actually be here by then, and there will be some fresh spring flowers on the tables?

The other day, I was looking through some pictures from the past. I stared at a couple of them in particular for several minutes. The scenery appeared quite similar to what I saw upon opening my front door on
April 11. The dates on these photos were April 11, 2008. Five years ago, to the day, we were “blessed” with another blizzard that closed schools and dining sites. Had anybody else forgotten about that one?

I have yet to pick up a magazine that doesn’t have at least one article related to eating: what you should eat; what you shouldn’t eat; dieting; how much you should eat; government ruling the size of pop that restaurants can sell, etc.

Apparently people aren’t the only ones who should be careful of what they eat. I read an article about a fisherman who was puzzled because his bait kept disappearing off the hook. Finally, he caught a couple of 2-pound northerns. When cleaning one, he noticed that it had a big appetite. In is stomach he found two large shiner minnows, one sucker minnow, and 12 one-inch sunfish. Wow! That one last bite was the end of that fish.

April is national volunteer appreciation month, and on Sunday, the 28th, eight volunteers from our dining site will be treated to a brunch followed by entertainment and lots of door prize drawings. Catholic Charities sponsors the event annually. It will be held at the Holiday In in St. Cloud. Volunteers from our site really enjoy attending.

’Till next time,W-DSCF0455

Rosalea Hoeft,

Satellite Site Coordinator



Kimball Senior Dining Site’s newest volunteer is Loretta Grote, seen here helping with cleaning dishes. Submitted photo.