Tricounty News

Aug. 2 Update

EV-W School-Community,

It’s been a summer of fun, and I hope you’ve enjoyed time with your family and friends. I’m confident that you’re aware this letter is a quick reminder that we’ll be back in session soon. I anticipate a lot of excitement and optimism as we begin our 2013-14 school year together.

Summer has been busy with the usual daily operations, management, and training that take place at the district level. We’ve continued to upgrade our facilities, implement an electronic Boardbook, made significant progress on our strategic plan, investigate PLCs, and initiate the negotiations process with certified staff and transportation contractors.

Your administrative team is excited for your return, and we look forward to serving our students and school-community together. As community members, parents and educators, we share a common goal that guides all of our decision-making to uphold our students as the top priority. We’ve all experienced various levels of personal and professional successes, and have established standards for student achievement. As we return, it’s important that we raise our level of expectation for each other, our students, and our school community. Join me, as we welcome our students to … 

• The most challenging and rewarding school year they’ve yet to experience

• Professional staff that are trained to successfully engage students

• Instruction of 21st century skills and developing the World’s Best Workforce

• A positive learning environment and healthy school culture

• A school system that will exercise fiscal responsibility with a focus on student achievement

Be sure to commend our buildings/grounds, custodial, and cleaning crews for the energy they’ve put into the facility. It’s been a difficult summer working with modified schedules, and accommodating the additional contractors and typical mess that comes with construction.

In closing, be sure to make note of the following dates and mark your calendar for:

• MSHSL Activities/Practice on August 12

• Staff In-Service on Aug. 26-29

• Open House on Aug. 28 at
6 p.m.

• First Day of School on Sept. 3

I wish you the best as you wrap up your summer plans. Enjoy your break, and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Weekly Tip Box: Parent Pop Quiz (taken directly from Parade Magazine, Bruce Feller. Feb. 17, 2013)

1) Children are expected to learn (a) 500 (b) 1,500 or (c) 3,000 words during grades 3 through 12.—answer c

2) When a team of psychologists measured children’s resilience they found that the kids who —were best able to handle stress; (a) ate the same breakfast every day; (b) knew the most about their family’s history (c) played team sports (d) attended regular religious services— answer b

3) What do surveys show that children want most from their parents? (a) to spend time with them (b) for the parents to be less tired and stressed (c) a bigger allowance—answer b

4) Eating dinner together as a family has been shown to benefit children, but at least a third of Americans rarely do so. Which of these alternatives can offer the same benefits? (a) eating breakfast together (b) having a bedtime snack as a family (c) scheduling a once-a-week Sunday supper  (d) all of the above—answer d

5) To encourage conversation and draw your family closer, arrange your living room seating in a: (a) U shape  (b) circle (c) L shape—answer b

6) When siblings between the ages of 3 and 7, are together, how many times per hour do they fight? (a) one to two; (b) two to three; (c) three to four—answer c