Tricounty News

Nov. 1 Update

Government Shutdown – stay tuned for more

Stay tuned for the uncertainty of federal government decisions and potential shutdowns that may return in February. The Oct. 1, 
federal government shut down and debt-ceiling debate has been temporarily resolved. As you well know, our Washington officials “kicked the can” around until finally reaching a resolution on Oct. 16. They agreed to fund our government operations at 2013 levels through January of 2014. It’s been predicted that another government shutdown and debt ceiling debates will be back as early as February of 2014. Stay tuned.


Eden Valley-Watkins District 463 and Eden Valley-Watkins Federation of Teachers, the teachers’ union, have met nine times to negotiate their 2013-2015 contract. Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 13, at 4:30 p.m., and will take place in the District Board Room.

Similar to most negotiation sessions, topics of discussion will include salary, benefits, and contract language. The district’s bargaining team is comprised of board members Bob Stenger, Shelley Kern, Julie Meyer, and alternate Rob Flaschenriem. From the district’s perspective, negotiations are going well, and both teams are working from common platforms that will demonstrate fiscal responsibility, provide compensation and working conditions that are competitive, and ultimately benefit our students by retaining and training highly qualified educators.

Thanks to both bargaining groups and involved members for a respectful process.

Teachers Honored

It was a great pleasure to take part in the 22nd Annual Leaders of Educational Excellence ceremony held at the Rivers Edge Center in St. Cloud Wednesday, Oct. 30.
Each year, Resource Training and Solutions sponsors the event to recognize outstanding educator performances throughout Minnesota. Please commend Rebecca Kuechle and Karen Svihel-Buermann for their service and recognition as LEEA (Leaders in Educational Excellence Award) recipients from the Eden Valley – Watkins School District.

The annual LEEA ceremony provides us with an opportunity to recognize and appreciate all of the talented educators in the Eden Valley-Watkins School District. Thank you for your exceptional achievements and the immeasurable contributions made to our children. Congratulations and best wishes on a job well done!

Weekly Assessments

Grades 10 + will be taking their Writing (retake) on Wednesday, Nov. 6.