Tricounty News

Jan. 17 Update

Paraprofessional commendations

On behalf of the EV-W board and staff, we want to commend our paraprofessional staff for the outstanding performance and support provided to the students of our school district. Paraprofessionals are individuals who work in a variety of positions in our school district. Their roles include, but are not limited to those who work as instructional assistants, Title 1 support, special education paraprofessionals, lunch room and playground assistants, hall monitors, media center assistants, and more!

Our paras do so much to help our children learn and our teachers teach. THANK YOU!

Anti-Bullying Bill

Our Minnesota Legislators will be heading back to the Capitol next month to convene a new session. One of their many tasks will include drafting a new Anti-Bullying or Safe and Supportive Schools Bill. A version was expected to pass a year ago, but no action was ever taken. The goal is to design a bill that strengthens the state’s current anti-bullying law.

Some key features of the Anti-Bullying Bill, which are still open for discussion include

• Definitions: Defines bullying to include words, images, and actions between individuals or through technology.

• Policy: Requires school districts to update and modify policy to include opportunities for remediation, posting policy on websites, and submit a copy to MDE

• Schools: Provide training, timely investigation, reporting to parents and law enforcement, and annually collect and report data to MDE

• Instruction: Encourages schools to provide developmentally appropriate instruction to help students identify, prevent, and reduce prohibited behaviors.

Senior of the Week

The EV-W School District would like to recognize Brandon Faber, son of Faith and Scott. Brandon excels in the areas of Math and Science, and would like to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering. He is currently enrolled in college level Physics, Pre-calculus, and Advanced American History. Brandon’s involved in many school activities including: Knowledge Bowl, Spanish Club, Investment Club, National Honor Society, and the Carbon Cutting Club. The EV-W administration, faculty and staff are extremely proud of your accomplishments. Congratulations!