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Tidbits for March 2014

From Senior Dining

There was a lot of scurrying around at the dining site as a committee made up of diners and myself made plans to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Senior Dining in Kimball. Our site is the only original site in Central Minnesota still open.

Many hours were spent reading and/or looking through the scrapbooks that had been kept from the beginning. Upon learning what was served for the first meal and what the suggested contribution was, I thought it would be neat if we could repeat both. I mentioned it to my supervisor, Shari Grebinoski. Following procedure, I put in a special request and was thrilled when it was approved. Therefore, the diners were served spareribs (boneless, mind you), mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, fruit cocktail, and Jell-O cubes with whipped cream. Only compliments were heard and guess what they’d like to have on the menu again?

Thanks to the Kimball Harvest Bank, 38 diners were surprised to be able to make a minimum contribution of 50 cents, just like the first diners. The bank picked up the balance of today’s suggested contribution. As a program was planned, there were some questions they wanted answers to. Who had been coming to Senior Dining the longest, who had volunteered the longest, and the history of our site. Yours truly was assigned to research the history.

Starting with the first scrapbook, one of my pet peeves was apparent immediately: pictures with unidentified people.

Many, many articles clipped from the Tri-County News were pasted in without dates.

It appears that Martin Ashfeld was a volunteer from the beginning through 2007. That adds up to 33 years. Maymie Ecker would be next in line, followed by Dolores Nystrom. Both are diners and Maymie still volunteers.

The increase of the suggested contribution over the 40 years averages out to an increase of about 9 cents per year. Wow! The first documented increase was around 1989.

Theresa Zahler was the cook the first 10 years. At that time, the cooking site was moved to Maple Lake and Theresa then took the Satellite Site Coordinator position. Between 1974 and 1984, Bill Borman, Rosella Borman, Vivian Gunnerson Vadner, and Ken Bates were the employees in that position.

Theresa retired late in August of 1999 after 25 years of employment. I was hired at that time.

Dolores Nystrom was the substitute cook for Theresa and Reta Sheetz was hired as my sub in 2006. Char Perpseth became my sub when Reta retired the spring of 2013.

Thirty-six diners were served March 19, 1974. Thirty-eight were served on the same date this year. We would have had 44, if we hadn’t been “blessed” with another dose of winter weather.

The diners enjoyed listening to and singing along with the accordion music provided by Verna Lee Salmela. Bill Spies and Ron Harff took care of the door prize drawings. Thank you to all who donated prizes for that.

I’d like to thank the volunteers who worked so hard to make the celebration special.

’Till next time

Rosalea Hoeft

Satellite Site Coordinator